having issues with continuing championship

I seem to have run into a problem and can’t figure out how to continue in the game. I believe it stems from a recent online road trip and as the fourth race was about to start I had to quit, family stuff. When I came back, and its been like this for awhile, I am "Unable to register " ’ you can only take part in a championship at the road trips current destination ’
Because of this I cannot enter a new championship and am now just driving aimlessly.
I have not completed all the championships, have checked that.
Does anyone know of a solution? Or heard of this happening? I have looked but can’t find one.

You have to do that 4th race to continue,look for the orange icon on your map and go to that last race,finnish it and you should be back on track. Oh yeah,be sure you use the same car you had before also

Still no luck figuring this out. I think that there should be a cancel current championship option. I have tried everything I can think of twice.
Thank you t rex for the advice, but there wasn’t an orange icon.
If the guys at forza are looking, please could you add an option to cancel current championship? Thank you

Have you tried joining an online roadtrip again and play it out until after the 4th race (to the next voting) and then quit the online and see if the offline/career can continue?

I have been having the same issue. I have done several On-Line Road Trips, Rivals, Challenges, Bucket lists, On-Line Roaming and everything else that the game does. I have tried the Resetting the Cash idea and that did not work. On the Map there is no Orange indicators. If I set the filter to only the Championships, there are none that are displayed. If I ask Anna to Continue Road Trip, she takes me to one of the Car meets. In the car meet it tells me that that feature is locked.

How do you reach Turn 10 to talk to someone for technical support? I have now spent enough time in the game to get an Orange Wrist Band and a garage full of cars. I do not want to start over from the beginning.

I turned on this game last night, had a10 minute update, and now it works! Thank you forza!

I have the exact same thing, I can’t complete the game there is no orange sign and whenever I tried to register it says " you can only take part in a Championship at the Road Trips current Destination."

Please turn 10 help me :frowning: