Xbox 360 transfer to Xbox One

So I’m buying Forza Horizon 2 for the Xbox 360 since I don’t have the Xbox One YET.

I was curious if anybody knew or if someone form T10 could step in and say weather or not progress, DLC, or even the game purchase will transfer over if you buy the 360 version first. I do plan to get the One but I would like to wait for a holiday bundle or for the price to go on the console.

Any help would be appreciated!


Sorry man, both versions are being made by separate crews and will feature different cars (Not completely different rosters however) so that’s a no go. The Bone version features 4 more achievements, weather, drivatar, and a few more features that ARE stripped from the 360 version. This will be similar to the release of Assassins Creed: Unity and Assassins Creed: Rogue in that both releases are meant to represent their respective consoles and are separate. Better start saving up.

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They are different games, they have the same name, but will be different. Just look at it this way… if you start out with the 360 version and then buy a XO with FH, you get Forza Horizon 2.5 :slight_smile:

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There are/were games that register some stuff “in the cloud” and allow you to transfer certain parts of your career to a next-gen console.

That said, one of the massive failures recently is Pinball FX2 where the Zen-forums are littered with people unable to even check IF they can upgrade to next-gen.

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Thanks guys! I wish that I could transfer the progress but I totally understand that I cant transfer it over :frowning:

Oh well I’ll just have to buy the One sooner! Might just pass on the 360 version and save for the One

Just wondering if the stats from Forza Horizon 2 on X360 will transfer to XB1 since I’ll be getting Forza Horizon 2 on XB1 in the future but for now it’ll be playing it on X360.

No, they are 2 different games.

Same game, different consoles. Would of thought it was like on Cod Ghost where the stats transfer.