XBL Credit Collecting Issues: Forza Hub& Auction House

I was collecting my in game credits from Forza Hub as I do weekly and after I know for sure I got the credits because it added them and then I had over $600k, after I was going to my auctions and over my sold Vette HE edition and I was trying to collect the over $300k I would have gotten, then all of a sudden it was about 10 minutes of loading then my game crashed. I proceeded to try and get back on but my Xbox One would not let me start any game at all; so about an hour later it lets me hop back on, I check my auctions because even my collected $100k was gone from the hub, it showed “No auctions available.” That night I lost 5-7 cars and 2-3 I put hard earned money into. And again this was Thankgiving night when I got home to my Xbox. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!