WTH Happened to Forza?

Since when did these drift points start happening, granted I haven’t played since I think 3-4. But my God seems like that’s all the rooms I’ve been in go for points. What happened to during certain sections of tracks for hours on end, drift tournaments, drift team rivalries and so on. Unless I’m getting into the wrong rooms or I’m old now idk what. But I miss old school Forza that’s for sure. Any old school drifters hit me up.

The God Father’s (TGF)

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wait til you meet the race tire retards lol


I agree man, just picked 7 for $30 haven’t played since forza 3. I remember the days of judges sitting on a corner and they decided who won each corner and whoever got the most corners won. Drift points…sigh…

I’m always down for tandems man, shoot me a request. I hate these new lobbies and how they’re set up. Wish you could kick people easier too that get in the grip cars and run you off track mid drift.

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sure do miss the old school days. I have the best memories on forza 4 in the public tandem lobby’s of tsukuba with so many cool cars that got removed one can only hope that they bring back the tandem

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Yeah comps have no hp cap and you can run posi camber in the rear. I felt like I should be clowning these guys but hey nwo for drifting. I do agree I miss the og days

Points first showed up in 3.
That started the downward trend into point drifting and the majority of people thinking score shows skill.
I’ve been asking since day one for them to remove points.

Every once in a while you get in a room with good tandems, but most of the time they are race tire R-Class people who cant do anything but get massive angle and crawl around the track.

Tandems died the day forza 5 came out. Everyone realized it was too late…the days of fm3 and fm4 and king of the hills…tandem lobbies 24/7, well organized tournaments and a solid community went with them. Most of the community moved on. Damn shame too…I just got back into forza and its just not the same vibe anymore. Putting most of my time into drag racing now after a day in drift lobbies.

Hey Pounder, its been a while.

There are still some tandom drifters about, but they mainly stay on social media as opposed to the forums now. A good few XE members on twitter, as well as TUS, FNK, and Aero are over on there.




Be your best place to look for some tandoms.

Ialryn thats great to know, thank you!

Yo add me on Xbox if yous wanna get a good lobby going sometime been drifting since fm3…you’ll find me in a Midnight purple s15 with Irish flag front and rear lisence plate


Custom public lobbies were removed and points drifters swarmed the drift community. The community is scattered among a million different discords so it’s difficult to get events and meets going like it used to be.