Would like to see Jaguar F-Type 2015 on the next update DLC on Forza Motorsports 5 ,,too

Would anybody agree, that they should make the Jaguar F-Type 2015, for the Forza Motorsport 5 ,too …on the next update ,
That would be cool to play , not just for the Horizon 2 , Turn10 studio… please make Jaguar F-Type free download on Fm5 , if available, thx !!

This belongs in the Car Wishlist thread

Also, Turn 10 is about to ditch FM5 and moved on to Horizon 2.

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well… I feel FM5 is a much better game than FH2 , cars are more detailed

Hint: the next “update” will be titled Forza Motorsport 6.

The F type is a beautiful car! I guess we will have to make do with the XKR, or until Forza 6 comes out!

the jag on fh2 is pretty cool, would be nice here also