the next update for forza 5

How about s big Xmas present for Forza 5

Mark my words: there are no more content updates for Forza Motorsport 5.

I will be very disappointed if there really aren’t! The track selection in the game is still incomplete with out at least Monza and I need the 2014 F1 car added as well as the Huracan. Now add these items and then I will be satisfied with your declaration!

Any new content is now being reserved for Forza Motorsport 6 which is due for release in the Fall of 2015. If you want to keep spouting off wishes, be sure to do it in the appropriate thread, here and here.

Hmmmm… So I guess that means that the FM series have just about a one year update cycle, then focus shifts to the next major release. Hmmmm… Interesting!!!

That’s how it has been for almost 10 years now; the creative director is adamant about the 2 year cycle and Turn 10 hasn’t yet missed a release, to date. Fortunately, dating back to Forza Motorsport 3, Turn 10 has provided content and title updates up to a year out from the initial release. Forza Motorsport 5 is 10 days away from that mark and any anticipation for further updates is historically unfounded.

Now, with Forza Horizon in the mix, there is definitely reason for Forza Motorsport 5 to take a back seat as Horizon 2 goes through its spotlight phase before we get an announcement on Forza Motorsport 6, which I believe will come at or shortly after the franchise’s 10 year anniversary on May 3, 2015

Well the first Forza missed it’s release date as did FM2. Both titles were delayed.

But I agree there will be no more content.

I am referring to the two-year cycle, specifically.

Wishful thinking

I know what you are saying. …I’m totally going off memory here but I believe the First FM was supposed to be released mid 2004 but was not actually released until May 2005. I remember waiting a very long time for that game. FM2 was definitely supposed to be released for the holiday season in 2006 but pushed back into May of 2007. So looking at the years only - it looks like a steady 2 year life cycle all along but the two year cycle started with FM3.

I got these actual dates from Wikipedia;
FM1 - May 2005
FM2 - May 2007
FM3 - Oct 2009
FM4 - Oct 2011
FM5 Nov 2013

Outlier, I don’t care for the semantics in this matter. After the original Forza Motorsport, each subsequent release has been delivered two years out from the previous and for the purposes of the topic of this thread regarding content updates, that’s all there is to it. Simple. Period.

I’m not arguing with you - just adding to the conversation. You are correct that Forza has become a 2 year development cycle. I was just pointing out - for no other reason than to have a conversation that it wasn’t always a strict development cycle. It certainly has become this now, and by partnering with Playground Games, it seems they’ve adopted the call of duty business model for yearly releases.

Forza 5 had its flaws, now it’s time to move on. Horizon 2 has been out for a month and a half. Play it. You’ll be impressed, even though there is still flaws to be fixed, just like any other game.

Or, you can wait for at least eleven months for Forza 6. I personally think that the two year cycle between the Motorsport games is a coincidence, even though it looks obvious as of now.

Even if they added 4 new tracks and a handfull of cars the game would still be in-complete. Without the key multiplayer features this game will stay dead. Oh sure post your wishes to the wishlist here and there, turn10 will hop right on that. None the less Forza was great for about 6 months. RIP

Your opinion. I and i am sure many disagree! I am still having a lot of fun with Froza 5!

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Thanks for your opinion! I do agree with the Forza 6 wishlist, or Turn10 could just use the huge amount of wish’s the already on the wishlists. More people would come back from other games maybe if there was a Rent-A-Server (private lobby open to the public like the good ole days, but we pay for it like the new age). All of this of course was my opinion small, italicized print. Just got de-ja-vue from when there was that grammar Mod on here.

The ‘Forza 5 Features Wishlist’ thread should be renamed Forza 6 Features Wishlist since they stopped adding missing features to this prologue months ago.


if they sink so low as to make people rent servers in order to enjoy a clean race, that would bee finished.