Won Titan and did not receive Aston Martin Vulcan

I won the Titan marathon and my prize was the Aston Martin Vulcan but did not receive it, i have looked at accolades and other screens along with autoshow but i have to buy it,has anyone else had this problem ?

Is it in your garage?

Actually did you do the Titan or the Marathon?

The Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro is the reward for the Humble Brag accolade in the Hall of Fame group: Reach Player Level 125.
Have you unlocked that accolade?

Have you rebooted and looked again?

When you look at it in the Autoshow, does it say Owned on the bottom right of its card?

I will check if i am level 125 and also if i am in the Hall Of Fame,Humble Brag for accolades. I would not be surprised if this could be the problem.

Many thanks the Aston Martin Vulcan along with five other cars were in The Hall Of Fame accolades to be collected,i have only just discovered today after all this time about collecting from accolades,thanks again.

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