2018 Aston Martin Vantage Accolade

In the Accolades screen under Road Racing you can find the Accolade to ‘‘Win a Road Race in a 2018 Aston Martin Vantage’’
Sounds pretty straight forward until you realise, there is no 2018 model in the game!
I’m seeing 2013 / 2016 and 2019… but no 2018.
In fact none of the Astons are 2018 models.

Which begs the question. is the accolade screen a typo?
Or do I have to buy all three Vantage’s and try them all out to see which car I’m actually supposed to drive to win the accolade?

The car required is the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, available from the Autoshow.

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Thanks ManteoMax

Now I just need a few more Triple Pass Combos and I have all the Road Racing Accolades

What about the one for Street Races that requires you to use the 1977 V8 Vantage?

Good Question. I just got to this myself now I’m working my way through the Street Race Accolades.
I have won a race in the 3 available Vantage’s and had no luck completing the accolade.
So I decided ‘to hell with it’’ and won a Street Race in every Aston Martin currently available in the game (8 by my count)
… No dice!!! This Accolade is unobtainable. I can only assume they plan to release the car at a later date.


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Get a time of 30 seconds or better in the 2
015 Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS at the Quebrada

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Win a street race in 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage


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Nothing worked for me. Any solutions???

All of these accolades are bugged, I hope they are working on a fix right now.