(WMID) Club Recruitment HIGH SKILLED CLEAN DRIVERS - OPEN World Driving

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If your tired of Playing MARIO KART in online races in FORZA!!! Then this is the CLUB for you. ( WMID) Wangan Midnight we are a bunch of GOOD DRIVERS THAT LOVE TO DRIVE CLEAN. Mountain roads , Back roads , High Speed Cruising we will be the best lobby you ever been in.

To Join you will need an S1 car tuned to handle corners as we are in the back roads and other twisties for the most part. Once we see you drive and can confirm that you can drive FAST AND CLEAN WITHOUT KILLING EVERYBODY THEN YOU WILL IN.

We have Tuners , Designers , people that test tunes etc to perfect your car

Just a place where we can all drive FAST AND CLEAN IN PEACE LOL

We are very active always starting Car meets and Cruises


Think this is my sort of club I will be returning in season 17 so if there’s still spots available I will definitely be joining.
I love making tunes that are best for a certain class (s1 won’t be a problem, A and S1 are probably my preferred classes) and test them I don’t just max out every car and see how fast in a straight line, oh yes just as a bonus I know where the brake is :foot:t3:

Also do a few designs so if I’m in and you like a design let me know I’ll share them

Hey Cosmic_Blood,

Can you give more details on joining this racing club? I just set up my PXN v10 and have been playing fh5 non-stop for what feels like days now (gf wants to throw my xbox away now). I want to join some like minded car enthusiast folk that wanna talk shop, I love this game especially with the driving wheel as its a whole new experience. I would like to join if possible and willing to demonstrate my skills.

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We love to have ya ill send you a message with the Discord so you can let us know when your ready to try out.

Also word we need more designers in the club

Bet that yea man were just a bunch of skilled drivers that like to drive fast and clean. To join you just need an S1 car with a tune that can handle corners as we are mostly in the back roads and other twisties. We high speed cruise like a gumball rally across the map.

Drive Clean , Keep up and dont kill every body and you in lmao . Were in the 160mph range for the most part unless were getting competitive.

I send you the discord so you can let us know when your ready to try out if you dont have S1 tune we have plenty.


Here is the discord when you join just say somthing in the Tryout channel ypu will want to build and S1 car that is good in corners as we are in the back roads alot


We the best to do it :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


Coldest Cruisin club out right now!! We not playin bumper cars.:speaking_head::speaking_head:

We driving now :eyes:


Twitch We Drivin yall