New Racing Club Looking for Members

The Club is called( Serious Drivers Only) for the meantime. We are looking for Good clean racers. You don’t have to be the best, just clean with some skills. No crazy commitments, just having fun racing mainly on the weekends. No young kids. No attitudes. We have a couple guys so far both just over 40 years old, if that tells you anything. Hoping to get a great group together.


I’d be interested. My Gamertag is CapableAmoeba43. I am 44. Been racing about 2 years.

Hi am interested am 39 experienced driver gamer tag tvsiccmade187

I might be interested. 46 yrs old and I’m with Forza from the very beginning. Mostly with Controller, for 4 weeks with a steering wheel. Gamertag is TENNIBREAK

Yep, im looking to join, my gmt is EchoVal12

I’m interested. 20 years old and decent on a wheel. Gamertag is noeltra.

I am 50. I am more of a casual racer. I try to keep it clean. I last was in an active league during the Forza 4 era. Once I have a roughly tuned car, my hot lap times are typically in the top 2 or 3% after about 7 to 9 laps. I am not sure if I am good enough for the league. If you think I am, my gamer tag is gregorut.

Hey gamers tag is WorthBison97460. 24yrs old. currently struggling in leagues (way too many rammers out there). would be interested in some proper racing without ramming because u got taken over.

I’m 23 I’m an experienced driver I’ve played forza since the 4th game I’ve been very competitive since #6 I have top 5 and below times on rivals events also keep it as clean as possible I can’t stand ramming my gamer tag is Bassfarm1723

If you are still doing this id like to get in on it. I am a clean racer gamertag is raineyj

salut moi c est smad j ai 45 ans et je pense repondre a tes criteres.
mon avatar c est smad77.

Hi mate, not sure if this ever got off the ground! If so I’m interested, Andy 31 from UK. Gamertag is F1R Amackin

Would be very interested in joining ! I just DL the game like a month ago GT is thudson93 if your still looking for people

Hey I’m 24, been playing Forza for a while. If you guys have clean private lobbies I’m down to join. GT is PocketPasta325

I’d be interested in that. Jake, 39, haven’t been racing long but I race clean. I’ll fight hard for a position but I avoid contact and give room where it’s appropriate. Would love to have like minded racers to go against! Gamer tag is pointlessname82

Hi - I’d love to join. Been playing Forza for a long time and enjoy good, clean racing. Gamertag is redr0c

I am 42 yo male here in chicago, Il that has been playing forza since 2012. I am pretty serious about my performance when playing so I would love to be with like minded individuals as online/multiplayer is like being in a destruction derby. I play on skill level unbeatable and place 90% of the time. I love cars and love racing. Wish I was better at tuning my vehicles. My GamerTag is IamBOMBER78. Look me up and send me an invite.

Hey, I am in a group of clean racers looking for more people to join. You can find us on discord here: The System

Come check it out. We do all kinds of races and classes.

Not sure if this took off but I’m definitely interested.
I have decent pace and try to race as clean as possible.
GT - Abyss911

Hi :slight_smile:
This is exactly what i have been looking for.

I purchased Forza Motorsport 7 ultimate edition 3 years ago, and till this day I cannot connect to a multiplayer lobby.

I can connect however if i am invited to a session.

Please add me into this.

My gamertag is DeafeningEnd80