Looking for a Crew to do clean racing with!

Hey everyone, I’m currently looking for a crew that prides clean racing and races often. I’m very tired of civics bouncing round corners and getting ahead of everyone.

Maximum Drive Motorsport is always looking for clean racers. Add me to friends list and if you see me on come join the race. I’ve not been super active this week with State of Decay 2 out and quite a few practice sessions and races in Forza Motorsport 7 but I should be on thursday or friday evening CST time.

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I would really like to join if I am still able to. im sick of getting wrecked by 10 year olds

If you’re looking for a crew to race with, there’s always a spot on Team eX-D for you. We’re a no nonsense crew that races cleanly and doesn’t take bull from anyone, especially kids with v12’s who use you as brakes. We’re usually doing OA’s, Playground Games, and other activities. We have a Xbox club and a discord you can join, just hit up me or any of our co-leaders to see what’s up.