Wipe the leaderboards!

So many people are sitting on top times using mods. However, now its not accepting my time when I am competative with them. This needs to be fixed or I have no desire to play. Even without mods I can get close but there is no way to get the top seats anymore with the game not accepting modded times.

Are you talking about mod cards? Times set using these will not count towards leaderboard rankings. Any lap you see up there is probably legit, and those who set it are just VERY good at the game

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Go watch some of those laps. I have looked at the telemetry and there is no way. They are using mod cards. The top 5 spots are seconds ahead of everyone else. X class on rio has a 5 second gap between #1 and #10. Thats not just skill.

What sir is exactly a modded lap?

How can you even see that these people are using mods

Using performance enhancing mods automatically dirtys the lap…and wont be at the top of leaderboards

Its supposed to and i even just stated that the game took my 1:06 time no problem.

not all mods make it a dirty lap, which one were you using

Thats a problem. Leaderboards should be no mod cards. Was using super rare mods. Hp and grip for the 1:06. Then went all grip for the 1:04.

then you lap time will be ‘‘dirty’’ with a triangle marked next to it…

Except my 1:06 time is using mod cards and it recorded clean. Thus proving it still happens and makes a difference.

I’ve heard, but have no idea if its true, that there was an issue early on with fp, mods and recording clean laps. Again,no idea if its true or how it worked if so, but this thread makes it seem to me like this glitch is no longer available for abuse. Good!

Magar1z, the vast majority of people at the top of the LBs would be there no matter what can or can’t be exploited or needs to be patched. it has been that way in every game

We’re 5 months into the game’s life cycle. Based on previous games there has typically only been 1 or 2 leaderboard wipes a month after release.

I don’t expect any leaderboard wipes to take place during the rest of this game’s lifespan.

i have never experienced it. and i don’t use mods beside from endurance racing for grinding xp for affinity lvl.
have u raced this car before? without mods and set a clean lap time before? if not it sounds like a glitch…

i have never heard of anyone else experiencing it and when I starting testing out mods everything worked as they should.
there were a time when xp mods would get you a dirty lap. this were removed lather in a patch and then people said that they still got a dirty lap with xp mods.
I then tried this out for myself and found out that xp mods and non performance mod did NOT dirty your lap. and all performance mods that would get you an advantage did get you a dirty lap.

i haven’t tried this in a while though so you might have found out a glitch here…

Yes I set several clean times before with the car. Then tried the mods. Also, the game is not marking my 1:04 laps as dirty it just doesnt load to the leaderboard even though it tells me I beat them. My 1:06 was using two performance mods (1 crew and 1 boost) and a dare. 1:04 was with 1 crew and 2 boosts.

if you have a clean lap on 1:06 the 1:04 will not count if it is dirty. clean laps counts over dirty lap no matther the time.

i think that it is possible that you have raced on this track before With the same car and probably set a clean lap time without mods.

you should try again With and without mods and record it if it happens again.

Since you obviously cannot read, i set the 1:06 time in free run with mod cards. I set a 1:07 without. I then set a 1:04 which registered as clean and reported that I beat the next person, however it did not post to the boards. Dont know how to make that any more clear. My current time on the boards is with a mod.