Winning with all cars in The Eliminator, took me long enough

I have the only win in the starter Beetle WITH eliminations, several wins in the Mini but the Escort 67 MK1 was the one that kept eluding me, I probably threw away around 50 wins chasing the win in that terrible car.

Finally did it and against 3 level 10 cars to boot.

Forza Horizon 5 Eliminator: In Escort MK1 VS 3 level 10s. Featuring @hesitatedjam2080 - YouTube


Outstanding. Think the lowest ranked car I’ve won is 5. The finish line was in the city where choosing the best route is crucial.

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Nice achievment :+1:
Is there a technique or tip for getting offered a reset so fast when you were stuck on a log ? Wait time for me seems always to = ‘time needed for someone to overtake me +1’

Not really, just keep going full throttle instead of trying to reverse and alternate.

ToughtI lost it there to be honest


Thanks,that’ll be why it takes so long for me then,as that back and fro is what i tend to do. Got ‘robbed’ of a Deberti win by that,was miles ahead of pack and then got stuck on a twig 200m from finish for what seemed like an eternity :smiley:

hey, can you pop round to my house and get me 4 more wins?!

nice work

Yeah, dont do that

Thanks and yeah I get that a lot

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