Will they patch it?

A few things are starting to bug me about the game. First off, why can’t we turn assist on/off while in test drive? Ugh. I’ve set up/tuned/upgraded a car, go to test drive and I’m stuck with whatever assists I was using in other modes. If I want to change them I have to back out to some other race mode, change them, then back to test mode. Why can’t we change them on the fly while in test mode?

Why isn’t there a return to default option for tuning. As an example the indy cars. I haven’t found/downloaded a tune that improves the default as you bought them setup. I downloaded a tun (the most popular one) to try and improve my lap times. On a simple track like the brickyard oval I saw a dramatic decrease in performance, and the only real option I had was to buy a new can since there was no option to reset to default.

did you try a track specific tune, oval tune for the indy car? or did you download a general one?
there are a bunch of oval tunes which improve your performance on that track, you just need to be able to search for it…

edit: as to the default tune, go to tuning menu, press x, and it asks whether you want to remove the tune… press a to confirm, very easy

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double post

Isn’t there an option to change assists while selecting the track? On FM4 i remember that you needed to press a button to change the assists before changing the track (I think it might have been X).
I haven’t used test drive in FM5 though.

Confirmed that it does say assists/difficulty

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