Will there ever be an analysis of the car wishlist thread?

Haven’t seen one.

Manteomax did one in fh3




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Really not sure if they analyze it or not. Some of the car choices are suspect. Possibly due to easily making the car or getting the license for cheap though. Also so many people want so many different cars they couldn’t possibly pleases everyone. I think the idea of analysis of the wishlist thread is an excellent one. However licensing and cost would likely end the deciding factor. Great idea👍

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Yes, they do and have. Many of the top requested cars have been licensed and are in the game now.


Like it really matters anyway, T10 puts whatever they want in the game anyway. You think anyone asked for a Land Cruiser?

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Pretty much every car ever made has made onto one of the wishlists.

That way T10 can simultaneously take all the new entrees from the wishlist while ignoring 99.99% of the requests.

It’s however you want to look at it.

In the FM6 thread I requested the FC RX-7, with the comment that they had the other two generations of the car. To my surprise… it got added to FM7. But it’s not as exciting as it should be because I can’t put the headlights down.

How has forza horizon 4 had a car wishlist data analysis before forza motorsport 7?

Because it was quicker for me to come to an “up-to-this-point-in-time” conclusion on a topic with fewer entries and more focus on production models.

And, frankly, because despite offering to do the type of work I’ve been doing here for years in the same role as PG hired RetroKrystal to do for FH4, I haven’t been able to get T10 to respond with a budget for this work. I value my time and am less inspired to put it in for free while others are getting paid. I’m still working on updating the analysis because I’m personally interested in a master car list, but I’m progressing at my own pace as I still try to do everything else forum-related in my spare time.

I suggest sending the question to the paid Community Liaison team through the Support site.


Your welcome to do one if you like

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More relevant given that its at the start of its life cycle whereas this is nearing the end. I don’t think there will be any more car packs, hence why it’s not really important any more until news of FM8 spreads.

I’m hoping one is going to be done or one has already been done and we get a new car or two before the end of 2019