Will the Mod card system be returning?

I’m not sure how popular it was overall, but personally I didn’t care for it and thought it seemed out of place for the Motorsport series - more suited to a Horizon game.

You mean the mods? They’ve been confirmed.

Oh dear.

I’m pretty indifferent to mods since they never got in the way of gameplay. Just another set of assists for those who want them.


Mods, spins and credits are utterly useless in fm6 so I hope they make it more worthwhile overall

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I hope they give us an option to turn off all that garbage completely. Highly unlikely to happen, but I can still hope :slight_smile:


Mods, I can see that point of view as being useless, but spins and credits, really?!

How do you expect to get new cars if they eliminated spins and credits. With no credits you can’t buy new cars or get them for free with spins.

Or you just prefer to be handed everything on a platter when you start the game?

Mods have never really bothered me, some of them seem pointless, but the Dare ones I find interesting as they provide an extra challenge.

They add no actual function to the game as far as I can figure out, Forza motorsport doesnt need it.

I thought the Mod cards were really dumb, but at least T10 was smart enough to keep them largely out of the way. They were still prominent enough that players could easily find them, but they didn’t really intrude on the gameplay at all.

I’d appreciate if T10 put more work into (IMO, more important) aspects of the game like FOV, POS, FFB, Physics, Career, etc. But as long as the Mods don’t take away from the core experience too much, who cares?


Bad news for you buddy :frowning: no longer do we get a % credit reward based on assists used, but now on mods used.

Seriously like, the assists bonus has been one of the core parts of the series since its inception - literally don’t think a single person has called for a change in that regard. Yet here we are. Removing things no one asked to be removed, and making parts of the game people wanted removed entirely as core parts of the earnings system. Defies logic altogether


I prefer the system they have this time around. There seem to be a lot of players complaining that money is too easy to get, and this seems like a way to allow people to boost their CR eranings if they so desire, without forcing everyone to do so.

I much prefer a very tight economy where it takes several (read: 20+) laps to earn 50,000CR. With FM6’s earnings system, running no assists earns a ridiculous amount of CR. The way that FM7 seems to scale CR with laps + mods seems like s great compromise.

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The way he explained it, it sounds like you’ll still get more credits for driving without aids/manual(+ clutch), you just need to equip the respective mods.

I agree though, I would prefer the classic system.

I wonder how bonus cr will work in mp and hotlapping. I also can’t help but wonder how much time was spent on redesigning or reinventing this system when there are so many other things, you know what nevermind.

if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I personally liked the Mod cards. They never interfered with the Rivals or Multiplayer modes and I loved using the Dare card which allowed you to start from the back of the grid for an extra challenge.


You don’t have to use the mod cards if you don’t want to. It’s your choice to apply them or not and you don’t have to spend credits on packs. I actually liked winning and then strategically using the XP and credit mod cards to maximize my gains, saving certain cards for long races and showcases. I never really needed the performance mods and when practicing for club races would keep them off so I had a better idea on how the car would act in multiplayer.



Well, levelling up took a painfully long time if you didn’t use them.

They added nothing of value and the way it was done was convoluted and badly executed, it needs to be simplified and streamlined if they stubbornly refuse to simply discard it altogether.

If it is revamped and some imagination and thought has gone into it, it might be not as bad as FM6.

I used the Cockpit View dare card since I drive that way in single player anyways. It was good for some extra credits.


The one that hides the HUD is good for learning tracks as well, because if you have the driving line off as well, it really challenges you. I’ve used that one once or twice.


I dont know why people thought the mod cards were that bad in FM6? They never got in the way of gameplay, they weren’t intrusive and you weren’t forced to use them. You couldn’t use them in Multiplayer or Rivals to gain an advantage. They had dare mods that you could make you’re own scenarios out of (I loved doing an endurance race with the “Severe Power Defficit” or “Severe Shift Time Increase”). For people they really struggled with the game you could use the power, grip, brake or weight reduction mods to give a helping hand. You had other dare mods like “Severe Setback” that would put you at the back of the grid. Or on the flip side you had mod cards that would put you closer to the front row. Not to mention the date mods that made players use different cameras like cockpit of hood view. It was also a great incentive to make people try and get used to running less assists buy giving them a credits bonus for running no braking line or no TCS. It also made people work towards making out an affinity because at the end you got a very nice performance mod card out of it.

The only thing I wish mod would do is allow you to use more than one dare card at once. Other than that I thought it was a great addition. I only use the “Severe Setback” mod card and a few affinity and credit boosters.

If you don’t like them you don’t have to use them you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that would be awesome. I could really see myself setting up some “Ultimate Dare” races.