What do you think of adding the FM7 Mod Cards to Horizon?

I just thought of this when replying to another topic about the FM7 Mod Cards.

Why don’t we add them to Horizon?

They’re fun little challenges that give you extra credits and XP when you complete them.

They’re not mandatory, nor do they give you a speed boost, so they keep the races fair. They will sometimes force you to race with certain assists which can impact your times.

Here’s a link explaining the Mod Cards in FM7 and which ones they have:

I think for Horizon the devs could add more Horizon themed cards. For example cards that ask the player to perform certain skills: drifting, jumps, speed skills, two wheel skills, J-turns, burnouts, near misses, etc.

I think this could be a lot of fun.

But they should also add a New Game+ mode so everyone can enjoy all the new features and cars that are added since the release of the game :wink: (I already made a topic about this)