Will Saab ever return to Forza?

Resident Saab enthusiast here with a genuine question. Will we ever see Saabs in Forza again? The last time we saw them was in Forza Motorsport 4 and I know that Saab Automobile AB is no longer in existence but it would be great to see cars like the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 in a Forza game. If anyone is able to reveal anything feel free to do so!


There’s no way to say, as licensing and partnership relationships are confidential and those relationships are one of many factors involved in bringing cars into the game. But Forza fans who have been waiting for the DeLorean for many years will be able to drive it in Forza again next month, so never say never!


your question is interesting if Saab AB agrees the griffin mark would be back in the Forza license but for the moment I don’t know if Saab ab would like to give the rights for the 99/9-3 and 9-5

Isnt it scania ab that owns the griffin logo :thinking: but it would be cool to bring atleast one saab back, but i would guess gm owns the rights to the older saabs and 9-5 and Nevs to the last 9-3 :thinking:

Spyker own Saab automobile 2010-2012 after that NEVS.
Scania has the rights to use the griffin but the name Saab is own by Saab defence industry.
Can recommend a visit http://saabcarmuseum.se/en/home/

GM only owns the rights for the 9-4X
Saab AB have the rights on the 9-3 and 9-5
My source : Saab Automobile’s Bankruptcy Procedure is Over

and the webshop dont forget : https://shop.saabcarmuseum.se/en/

Actually NEVS or National Electric Vehicles Sweden owns the 93 platform now. So the closest thing will might ever see would be a NEVS

NEVS went bust earlier this year, so I’m afraid that’s not possible either. Saab is unfortunately one of those brands that is so embroiled in licensing issues, a return is likely not possible. Jensen suffers from the same issue too.


Real shame as the 99 Turbo became a favourite of mine in FM4.

Even if it were theoretically possible it just wouldn’t be worth the hassle though.

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Precisely. I’ve taken many cars and manufacturers off my personal wishlist due to the unlikelihood of them appearing in any game, let alone Forza.

Venturi, though still in business, has been hyper-focused on EVs and other future tech long before Tesla even released the original Roadster. They don’t seem interest at all in honoring or even mentioning the existence of the 400 GT or Atlantique.

Marcos seems to have a copyright holder, but it appears to be owned by one man rather than a proper company, and, this is just speculation on my part, it seems like he only has rights to the Marcos name, but not the rights to Marcos cars of the past.

I already mentioned Jensen briefly, who had a revival planned about ten years ago that never materialized. A British website that documents copyright holders claims that a Jensen repair and restoration shop owns the rights to the Jensen name and some of the model names, but that’s how I interpreted what I read. A lawyer could probably tell me otherwise.

Then there’s cars that were joint projects between manufacturers that had both their names on it. I speculate this is why the SLR McLaren still hasn’t come back. Mercedes and McLaren seem to be on good terms now, but, at a guess, developers probably have to pay both of them to feature the car, which could explain why some games has the SLR and others don’t. Some are willing to cough up more dough for one car, others (cough cough Microsoft) aren’t.