Will Porsche and other manufacturers be making a return?

I know Porsche are strict with licenses but will they return?
Will Mosler, Morgan, Seat and Volvo be coming back too?
Not wishing for cars just asking if more marques will be added in the future

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I would suggest that is a definite maybe.

Seriously do you expect to get a straight answer to that or is this really just a wish?

I don’t think you will get a straight answer from anyone who may have the answer (if such a person exists).

I suspect they may try to get the licenses for various makes of car. Some will make it into the game and some won’t.

I’d like to think so, they expanded fm4 with some of the rarer car manufacturers. like the guy above I doubt you’ll get an answer though

I guess that T10 still has a lot of licenses of car manufacturers that aren’t represented in FM5. As they said, they prefer quality over quantity. So I think they are polishing a lot of FM4 cars for FM6 atm. (No porsches obviously…**** EA)

Hieronymus mentioned this: From hence forth, anyone starting yet another thread about Porsche gets a ban. Go forth and spread the news amongst all the people.

So, don’t start a thread using the P-word (you know what I mean). There’s also a thread about what manufacters you want to see, too, but it’s for Horizon 2. This thread has been beaten to death and deserves a lock.


Sorry for asking a question.
You’re all so friendly…

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None of us have a single thing against you personally. We’re all just very, very, very tired of having these “T10 y u no Porsche?!” threads pop up every other day. It doesn’t help matters any that every single time we say “no one knows if it will be back because EA holds the license” someone else will come on the next day and ask the same exact question.

And at the end of the day this is a community forum. No one on here would know anything more than you do, so there’s no real point in asking. Heck, even T10 literally has no idea if Porsche will ever return because they’ve tried negotiating and it’s a very difficult and costly process that typically doesn’t make any progress.

Alright, now I’ve got a reply that I can copy and paste for any other Porsche threads that pop up after this one…

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All of the answers above are correct.

Nobody here on these forums will be able to give you an answer, except for Turn 10 which will most likely not answer you. The amount of people on the forums who have asked the same question and not got a reply is huge, so why should you be a exception to get a answer?

We don’t know. Read the News section articles for future announcements.