Will Forza 6 Have 671 Cars Or More Like Forza 4 Did?

Here are all the cars in Forza 4.

Forza 4 car database

I noticed many cars from Forza 4 are missing from Forza 6, I really wanted the Volkwagon Taureg but Forza 6 doesn’t have it. I really hope they don’t have Forza 4 cars in DLC, they should release a free DLC pack that includes updated versions of all the cars from Forza 4 that are missing in Forza 6.

What are the details on DLC? The 7 cars a month for 5 months is all the DLC? I want this game to have more cars than Forza 4 but it doesn’t look like it ever will.

I’m sure their are over 1000 already, so it says on this database… http://www.manteomax.com/

There are not over 1000 cars in any forza game. That spreadsheet lists every car ever to be included in the Forza franchise - you can filter it by game to see how many are in each game.

To the Op - I very much doubt we will have as many cars in FM6 as we did in FM4 but bear in mind FM4 was the third game on the Xbox 360, FM6 will be the second on the Xbox One. Should we get a Forza 7 then that I would expect to have the same if not more cars than FM4.

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That is a lame excuse, Forza 4 NEEDS at least as many ore more cars than Forza 4.

I am pissed off enough that so many cars are missing from Forza 4 and the fact that there are no details on other DLC, 7 cars a month for 5 months is not enough DLC.

Yes please give us $200 of DLC.


I’m not even going to bother explaining how ridiculous this is.


Don’t worry, both Forza 5 and Horizon 2 had DLC even after the season pass ran out. Forza 6 will be no different.

For starters,
Car pass contains 6 months worth of DLC (6x 7 cars)
Then we’ll have that promised Porsche expansion pack,

and even more DLC (paid) after that season pass. (like mentioned before)
as i’m not 100% sure this will happen, it was the fact for FM5 and FH2.
And both these games didn’t anounce any DLC (after car pass) at launch.
So be patient.

I think 550 will be the max. In fm10 whe have 10 cars per dlc. But I don’t believe that fm4 have 671 cars.

654 for me, with all DLCs. I purchased the BMW 1M '11 individually from the Pre Order and Launch bonus cars, and there’s 5 more. That’d be 659. If you count the 17 unicorns, which I don’t have any, it’d be a total of 676.
Am I right?


You’re pulling out this reference any chance you get, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

To actually contribute to the topic, most likely, no there will not be 671 cars in FM6.

There will be over 500, but I doubt we’ll get into the 600 mark.

487 cars at lanuch (including F&F Car Pack, Team Forza Car Pack, VIP, Team Forza Miata) + the remaining Team Forza cars (the two Hellcats, WRX STI, TTS, M4, Mustang, any others?) + 42 (minimum) DLC cars (six packs of seven cars per pack) = 535 cars.

This does not include the cars in the confirmed Porsche Expansion coming 2016, nor does this include the possibility of other expansions or DLC packs going beyond the Car Pass. It could very well reach 600; my guess is it will get close. If it does go over, it probably won’t be by much, let alone 71 over.

It wont have that many cars.

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Yeah there will be at least 11-12 DLC’s for cars. VIP gets the first 6 car packs and there will be more after that that you will have to buy. Plus hopefully there are track DLC’s. There were some in FM5 but I can’t remember how many. Maybe 2-3? Plus there are not any Porsche’s in the FM6 so maybe a DLC for that as well.

Personally, I’d rather fewer cars with more detail done to each car, than have a ton of half finished cars (I’m looking at you, Gran Turismo). There’s more than enough cars in FM6 to keep my occupied, not to mention all the DLC (a guaranteed 42 cars, plus the Porsche pack).

Best guess:

6x7 car packs = 42 cars

  • probably another 2 extra pack post season pass, 14 cars.
  • Porsche expansion, probably another lets say max 16 cars
  • Another expansion, possible a “track” and many a free car or 2.
  • Other random free addtions like FH2, lets say, another 5 cars max
  • Doms charger to come soon.

So we have 460+42 at least, + say another 14+16ish+2+5 ish, my best guess overall in 9 months time:

541 cars.

Plenty for me, provided they keep each month fresh and not just “copy and paste” from past games, all will be good.

i was thinking about this myself. i was looking for the older 80’s supra in forza 6 and couldnt find it… wondering why would other forza games have it and not this one? the thing is, i have a feeling it will be dlc. well that kinda sucks cause it wasnt before… so now i know what is coming out of that 100 dollars i paid. something i had before… it really almost feels like you re paying for recycled content. dont get me wrong, i love the game. its fantastic. but what about the cars that showed up in the forza franchise for 1 game. and not the whole series?

There’s no doubt we’ll not be hitting the 600 mark for the final car list however I thought about this and I came to the conclusion that isn’t 530 or so cars we’ll have after DLC enough? I think so. I’ll never drive all the cars in the game and I think most of us here won’t. Any other cars we’ll get is just gravy to me.

Will all manufacturers stop making cars after FM6 is done with its DLC? No.

Will all classic sports cars be represented once FM6 is done with its DLC? No.

There’s always going to be ground to cover. Games like Forza and Gran Turismo occupy a really unique space in the automotive world since they have the manpower to produce assets that represent nearly all eras of the automobile, and the tech to make them all behave, within reason, like their real-world counterparts. If games like Forza are like a digital car museum… they should never stop collecting.

I totally agree and like everyone else I want forza to have as many cars as possible in their games however almost 500 cars is enough for Forza 6, especially considering the huge leap in content from forza 5 even forza horizon 2. Was forza 6 ever going to have 600, 800 even 1000 cars at launch? No that would be very unlikely, but 500 odd cars + DLC is enough for now. Don’t get me wrong I want forza 7 to have 600 cars at launch but if that means sacrificing detail, than I’m fine with what we’ve got.