Will buying a second VIP pass work?

I understand from reading in a number of places the following:

  1. a VIP pass only applies to the gamertag that bought it.
  2. that once a VIP pass has been purchased that a second VIP pass can’t be bought on the xbox console (always shows installed).
  3. that some folks do some complicated steps to switch VIP pass from one gamertag to another …and sometimes it works.

One thing I haven’t seen discussed is if it would work if someone logged into the web interface for the secondary xbox account and purchased the VIP pass there and would that work when going back to playing forza horizon 2 on the xbox? I’d hate to lose $20 trying this and not having it work. I have tried logging into our secondary account (my son’s) and I see that VIP is available to purchase there - but would it be recognized in game? can 2 VIP players exist on the same xbox console or is there a different approach that it is intended to work.

I’d really like to know the answer to this too. I’m having the same exact issue…

Two ways to allow two accounts to have ALL VIP features. If any account has VIP, then all accounts have access to VIP car pack and VIP cars but that is all.

Account A has VIP. Account B does not have VIP.

Method 1)
Log into Account B on xbox.com and search for the Forza Horizon 2 VIP pass. Make the purchase and when Accoun B begins playing on the Xbox One they will have VIP.

Method 2)
Log into Account A on the Xbox One and uninstall the VIP Pass DLC. Quit everything and log out of Account A. Log into Account B. Highlight FH2 and select the See in Xbox Store option and find the VIP Pass DLC. Make the purchase and let it download. Now, it will show purchased and installed for both accounts and both Account A and Account B will have access to all VIP features.

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thanks @PPiDrive so much for answering my plea for help. I tried method 1) as you described and it worked perfectly. My son is a very happy VIP boy right now!

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