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Okay … came up with an idea that I wanted to share with the community here. I’m fairly new to the game … so someone may have done something similar to this before. Or no one here may be interested in this at all … and that’s okay too.

I’ve decided to start a racing “team” … Wildcat Racing. My “team” has absolutely nothing to do with actual in-game racing, driving, building and sharing tunes or anything other than original racing liveries. If anyone wants to join the “team” … or even have a bit of input … that would be great and totally welcome.

Here’s how I plan on running things at Wildcat Racing:

  • I will from time to time create original liveries for some of my favorite cars in the game.

  • Wildcat Racing liveries will typically be a little cleaner and less cluttered with graphics than some others out there. I like black on cars, so there’s a good chance that a lot of them will use a black base with some colored vinyls that will typically flow with the lines and curves of the vehicles.

  • Wildcat Racing liveries will always include the Wildcat Racing logo somewhere (see example on LaFerrari below) and usually the driver’s name and flag of their home country as well as a car number.

  • If anyone here wants to use a Wildcat Racing design (a.k.a. “joining the team”), I will customize the design for you. Customization in most cases will be limited to (1) the driver’s choice of name or gamertag vinyl on the car, (2) the driver’s home country flag on the car, and (3) the driver’s choice of a car number. I may consider customizing the secondary colors of a design upon request (depending on complexity of the design).

  • If you want to collaborate with me on a design by discussing a particular car, design theme or color scheme before work begins … I’d likely be open to that as well.

  • I won’t be sharing the designs, so the only way you’ll know about them or see them will be in this thread. This will keep the designs unique and ensure that there won’t be 50 ‘Johnny Rockets’ out there running around using a livery with your name on it.

  • I’ll add all new Wildcat Racing liveries to this thread as they’re completed.

  • In order to get your customized Wildcat Racing livery … I’ll coordinate with you and share it just long enough for you to download it … and then un-share the design.

As this is just something to do for fun and to give a bit back to the FM community, I can’t make any promises on how often new liveries will be done or how long it might take me to customize a design. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions … put them in this thread. This thread will be my primary method of discussing anything to do with Wildcat Racing liveries.

Wildcat Racing Livery #1

2013 Ferrari LaFerrari

you need to just play the game for a while before you start planning all this sort of stuff! Play with a group of friends and let things grow naturally. Then you will have a better idea whats going on my friend!

To be fair, without clubs in F5 I think you might find it difficult at best to get any interest,

Okay … now you have me curious. Is this something that I shouldn’t be doing? Or something that’s been done before and no one wanted? I’d appreciate some insight into ‘what’s going on’ that I don’t know about that might cause me to re-think this idea.

you realize theres no club feature in fm5… club will be off the books sort off… but have fun an nice livery

Yep, I know that. This was just something I wanted to do here … wasn’t looking for anything official in the game. I’ve gotten some nice tips and pointers from people here about painting and just thought I’d make this offer back to the community. And wasn’t really even wanting to make it an actual organized ‘club’, but came up with the ‘racing team’ concept as really just a name for it.

Wildcat Racing Livery #2

Was doing some racing with this car and wanted to add it to the lineup … kinda the other end of the spectrum from the LaFerrari. (And, yes, I like the Monster Energy colors …)

1965 Mini Cooper S

Hah. I’m digging that little Mini! Love the eyes on its Forza front bumper. Well done mate!