Widebody kit painters ... help needed

Some of you guys have done some amazing work on widebody kits in here … so I’m looking for some feedback and advice. Decided to try my hand at a widebody kit for really the first time. And from reading the boards here, it appears I’ve chosen the hardest color scheme to start with … black matte paint. Ah well, I’ll give it a go. I’d like some advice or tips on what colors to use, what transparency settings to use, etc. to help this thing look as realistic as possible.

First of all … my source car. A Prior Design Nissan GT-R:

As we all know, what looks good in the paint shop does not always look good in the sunlight. The pic below is my paint fresh out of the paint booth:

In the sunlight, my paint work seemed too bright in contrast to the black car. So I covered the whole car and my vinyl work with a black vinyl at 50% transparency to try and eliminate some of the ‘brightness’ of my kit vinyls. I think it helped some, but not sure if it’s still what I’d like it to look like in the sunlight. With the added black vinyl:

And a couple more shots from different angles with different levels of sunlight:

What are your thoughts, guys? Any tips for me on coloring or shading to get this thing a little more realistic and believable?

I think you’re off to a great start! Black is a hard color to start with. Maybe try and make the base color of the car lighter by a little or darken the highlights just a little. The bad part is when painting the car it’s hard to tell what it will look like driving.

You’ve made a good start for sure!

Few tips to consider…

  • You need to bring out the arches more with shading, so make them dark grey then overpaint in blacks/greys as the highlights.
  • Dont be afriad to use a whole load of layers at much lower transprarency then one at a higher.
  • To make something seem wider try to minimise the use of the straight gradient, it looks too flat, so will have a curve to it (either down up upward)
  • Drop a gradient behind each wheel (1-2% white/grey) will help show up the arch a bit more.

(Ive got some more tips to try but need Photoshop to explain otherwise i’ll be making no sense lol)

  • If I can find some time in the near future will write a tut and show a few tips on kits as know they are popular.


Shade/fade-out the bottom of the over fenders more. Great start though! The lighting on that game is a P.I.A. so it takes alot patients