Need tips for making fender flares/ wide body look

I always love the look of a wide body kit on almost any sports car
and lately ive been trying to put them on some of the cars I make
they dont look great… but they look somewhat decent

Can anyone give me any tips or how tos on how to make it look proper…?
maybe a video?

Id be very happy

I think it’s mostly done by remaking wheel arches etc with layers and using Shading and Highlights to create a 3D effect.
I too would like to know and see how the pro’s make it look so realistic
Here’s an attempt of mine, it’s the Wide Body FD from Initial D Fifth Stage

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I’ll tear apart one of my vintage wide-bodies over the weekend and show you how to put stripes and logos on them without ruining the effect.

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Im not an expert on the subject, but im decent. The thing i’ve noticed is that less is more often. It wont make the car look wider etc. Use very sublte gradient and colours.

See the sidevents on this car that I did in fm4, i used subtle shapes and colours and it looks pretty realistic. If you overdo it I think it will look more unrealistic. Thats my tips :)!

From this angle it still looks like the car vent goes inwards on the fender

Thanks guys!!
the styling on the RX7 is mainly what Im after Im hoping to do something similiar on the Alfa 33 stradale or the Lotus elise S1

Actually the subtleness on the Skyline looks fantastic too!

Dang Im just getting into making nice lines that flow with the body only just getting into scoops and bodykit looks

Like this sorta thing? One of mine…
Rocket bunny gt86

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Name 3 cars and I’ll make one of them then load it as a layer. Then you can down load it can just copy it so that you get the hange of it.
nx1 by jeremyfiler, on Flickr
zx4 by jeremyfiler, on Flickr

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Your wide kit work is amazing. Any chance of the Rocket Bunny kit on the GT86?

Thank you sir but there are others out there that are wayyyyyyyyyyy better than me at doing this stuff. The Rocket Bunny has been done to death but I’ll see what I can come up with…

i am not the best in body kit but this is what i did a while ago :slight_smile:

Miata by TCF Drama, on Flickr

In the past the graphics weren’t as sharp so you could get away with more, but now in FM5 you have to use more layers and better transparency control to build up the effects to make the more realistic although the approaches as to creating kits are the same, but some cars do not work with fender flares as the lighting takes over and the effect is lost somewhat.

Want to try painting bodykits, use a light Pink as the base… it shows highlights and shadows a lot clearer! but always have the actual chosen car colour hidden behind so you can remove the pink panel and judge the depth of shadow accordingly.

Light Grey is a good starting point in learning to bodykit imo


Yes, the lighting unfortunately does make the wide-body process hard.

Did you not see my wide body rocket bunny? Use that if you want😂