Why use worse cars? Easy to get extremely good cars so fast!


I’ve been playing this game for 5 hours at most! And I already have a Lamborghini, one S2 class car and a couple of other “really good” cars. This is obviously not something special, I’m just a normal player.

But the game gives you these extremely bad rewards for leveling up, for example. At least it seems. For example, some B class Audi… Why would I even use that if I already have cars MUCH better than this one?

!Also, why would you even bother buying cheap cars from the lower classes, if you can buy/get such good cars (Lamborghini, S2 car/s) in the first couple of hours of playing this game?!

It seems to me like the lower class cars are completely useless.

Please explain,

Because for a lot of events, like small circuit races and dirt tracks, a C class car with a good tune to A can have a big advantage over the computer modeled ‘matched’ cars even on unbeatable-versus racing everything in S2 which can be extremely difficult. Particularly starting with a very light car. Cars like the tiny Lotus elan properly upgraded to A for dirt tracks will outrun everything the computer comes up with for ‘competition’ and is very easy to drive well without assists for the maximum winnings. A lot of times lower class cars are more fun to drive/race. You have time to decide if you want to drift between two cars for a pass to get ‘showoff’ skill points. Let alone driving classic car classes. Taking hypercars and running against the computer versions of your competitor on a small road course on unbeatable is not typically going to be very fun. Not every race is Goliath

In every FM title I’ve owned, I’ve always tended to enjoy C-A class the most(other then driving ‘true’ race cars on ‘real’ race tracks in FM). You’ll definitely need S+ cars for speed traps and mega jumps and insane skills area fun, and they’re great on highway blasts, but you really get more driving fidelity down in the lower classes, especially in Horizon titles on a controller. Full cockpit setup in FM race cars is another matter.

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Plus there is a lot of fun to be had in B,C and D class in the proper course. I love low class cross country tracks that arent a bunch of jumps. Slow and muddy is the best!

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People pay up towards $400.000 for used, “B class”, Audi Sport Quattros in real life. Now, why would anyone do that when you can get a Lamborghini Aventador for the same amount of money? Think about that for a minute and you may have a revelation. Probably not though.

I can help you a little bit by telling you why I would choose the Audi, it’s because the Audi is infinitely more badass.

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Dirt tracks that are run that properly match the design are great. If your B class pickup is landing on the down side of each jump smoothly it’s a hoot. If you’re running it with a car modded to S1 and you’re pancake landing halfway through every other jump or even outside the boundaries of the track in a curve not so much.

And realistically, how many people are really running S2 cars without traction control and abs when using a controller? Let alone driving outside the cockpit view. I have a $1000+ fanatec setup on 360 for racing(pre having children) collecting dust in the basement, and use the controller on XBone in the living room. I used to always run in-cockpit and race full-length with practice F1 races. In a classic C-class 1960s Italian convertible I can again run without assists from the cockpit in H4 while still on the couch.

Because cars.
You’re welcome.


A-D class generally makes for better racing than S-X.


I wish T10/PG would realize this and stop making the S-Class Championships every week.


I prefer lower classes. They generally make for better, more fun races and there is more leeway in the builds.

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It’s not like you get more money for winning with higher class cars. Maybe a tiny bit more money but not much afaik. I just take any stock car that interests me for a lap around goliath and that gets me 86k. I don’t really care, I just drive cars to try them out.

I’d rather run, say, Ambleside or Festival Circuit with all D class Morgan 3 wheelers than any S class cars on any course. And my C class Porsche 356A & 1600 Super are the cars I’ve spent the most time in & gotten the most enjoyment out of.

It’s amazing how everyone has their own play style, innit? Good thing Playground gives us a lots of equipment to choose from.


If you are asking that question then you are completely missing the point of Forza horizon. It is not about progressing to get the fastest car, it is about being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want however you want.


Forza is more than just about owning the fastest car. It’s an automotive playground for car enthusiasts and that’s what’s so special about it. Chances are, if you have any interest in cars, there is something for you. If racing the fastest cars is your thing then that’s great. I love pretty much every car so it’s always a treat getting to experience something different each time I play the game. Forza is a beautiful thing that I think some people may take for granted sometimes…


why would people use cars that they like??? it’s a mystery

the only thing i use S2 cars for is forzathon live events, racing in them is just a hassle because they’re often too fast for the roads and catch air off tiny crests.
another thing is that the PI seems to have shifted from the last game, so that, cars i had in FH3 at S1 900 now only go to like 840. i have too much OCD to leave it there so i put them in A class instead

Cuz some of those cheap cars are a boatload of fun to throw around. I’ve even bought some of the vintage “slow” 10 million credit cars just because they are so fun to drive around. For me, the sole reason to buy & play Horizon is to have access to those old cars.

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The Bentleys, old MGs and the upcoming SSK will be some of my favorites to drive around in, even just stock. They are beautiful cars and make great vehicles for just cruising around the map.

The old Porsches are great for C class too and I have several of the old British cars, Triumphs, Austin Healeys and such that are in either D400 or C class. Great fun!

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Forza Horizon does not have the same type of progression system that most racing games use. In games like Need for Speed the goal of the game is to get the fastest car and “beat” the game. In Forza the AI are (sometimes poorly) scaled to be competitive with what ever car you are driving, so there really is no incentive to drive the hyper cars unless that is what you like to do. Unless you are playing Multiplayer or doing the #Forzathon challenges, just use the cars you have the most fun with even if they are not the fastest or best.

Personally I have the most fun in C-A class cars, the D class cars are a little on the slow side to be fun, and anything S and above personally I find too fast to really enjoy on the roads. There are exceptions, the Rally Monsters and the Hoonigan Focus are a ton of fun, but are not competitive in their class due to there relatively slow top speed. When driving all of the Super/Hyper cars I seem to spend a tone of time fighting for traction and trying to keep the car straight, than when I am finally going fast enough to not have to worry about the back end stepping out it is time to slow down for a corner. I know you can AWD swap everything and tune it to not have traction issues, but I like to keep the cars I drive relatively stock to avoid everything feeling the same and typically avoid drive train or engine swaps.

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I think you completely miss the point of this game.

There’s a class system. In an A-class event, a Lamborghini Centenario is a terrible car. In fact, it’s useless. It doesn’t fit the requirements, so it loses by default.

This is not Gran Turismo anymore where you bought cars with the goal of making them as fast as possible. Low-class events can be more difficult to win than high-class ones. FM7 didn’t have a career like FM4’s and people missed the point when they criticized the game for it. Forza has so many cars now that it’s no longer about the linear progression anymore, it’s about being a specialist in every car you can get in the game.

An S2-class car is just another car you can get. It’s not a goal you aspire to, and hasn’t been for a long time.

You can’t use a s2 car in a b class race. For me, the whole point of this game is to race with class and championship limitations. The “anything goes” blueprints are not fun. This game really shines when you take a d class car and spec it for b class, and drive clean against unbeatable drivatars.
I tune a few hyper cars to get the speed traps and what not. I don’t race with them much.

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Personally i dont like super cars

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