Why use worse cars? Easy to get extremely good cars so fast!

I enjoy racing in A-D Class the most, some real gems in this class. S1 is max I go, S2-X I just use for fun, speed traps, etc.

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‘!Also, why would you even bother buying cheap cars from the lower classes, if you can buy/get such good cars (Lamborghini, S2 car/s) in the first couple of hours of playing this game?!’

I have my fully tuned Viper, Lamborghini S2 class mosler and all, and I still use them less than my Morris minor. supercars are just… dull to me.
Reason I buy forza used to be to drive all the interesting cars. and wait for all the strange stuff in DLC to come along, Until that whole wheelspin happened and I could not get my Vic and thus refuse to spend any money on DLC

So why would you drive all these new cars you are given?.. well Why would you drive the same car all the time?