Why Racing Games Feel Slow

Just something for the devs to consider. Every. Single. Racing. Game. was ruined for me after I played Driveclub.


Chase cam always kills the sense of speed. Play a driver or hood cam and you’ll realize how fast you’re going.

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S2 feels fast to me. I always need to focus.

Slow??? o.O did you played a S2/X race yet?

How can you say its “slow”? i dont get it. You are driving a car, not a space ship.

IMO it would be one of last things I would say about FH5. Especially with lowered PI.

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Youtube suggestion algo at work :smiley: Give him and video creator a copy with car doing 1:1 m/s and wait for it

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Someone would have to scientifically measure distances, and times to see if the game is running at real speed. I think that FH5 is a bit faster than FH4.

It’s all down to field of view, I’d say most in game views are too fast due to wide a fov, such as hood cam where everything appears too far away. All views have a dynamic fov depending on speed where it widens the faster you go to increase the sensation of speed. The in car dash view seems to show the least variation where the closer chase cam view shows the most change. I wish we could turn this effect off on console and adjust FOV to our own liking.

It is FOV as shown in RL video here: Perception of speed changes with field of view - YouTube
In OP video, youtuber says that he is in process of getting drivers license. I would really like to see him making same video in 1 year after getting it and driving for that time in real life.


LOL, slow Horizon. Try some simulators then.

Try driving through the city in Horizon 5 100km/h. Now try driving through a real city with as narrow streets 100km/h. Which one feels faster? 40km/h in real life feels like you are moving, in game it feels like you’re not. There’s a difference. The solution is not to just use S2/X lmao.

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The op doesnt have any point, he just likes racing games where you barely drive, but pilot lol. Its just personal preference.

FH5 has the exact speed it needs to. And again, many many many people enjoy slow cars precisely because they feel really great.

And some of you really, never drove a car in real life apparently… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Driveclub achieves this by placing the cam lower and aiming it lower as well.

In Forza, the cam is at a normal level, but you see more of the sky than the road. Obviously nobody wants to stare at the road, but if the cam revealed more of the road, you would feel the speed.

Try increasing Far Chase Cam FOV to max and you will see what I mean.

cars seem to all go at the correct speed relative to passing scenery from my viewpoint.

maybe try a fast car or using cockpit view

couldn’t stand driveclub with locked 30 fps, overuse of motion blur and fishy car handling totally ruined it for me
fh5 is probably first forza game that has decent feel of speed
you either on 30 fps or something is seriously wrong with your perception of reality
even gt sport with 60 fps feels like driving snailes doing 200 mph, no sense of speed whatsoever
playing racing games exclusively from cockpit view btw