Sense of speed in first person feels unusual?

Just for the record, I had a hard time deciding if this was appropriate for the tech support section, or the discussion forum. I decided to put it in the discussion forum, because I want to talk to forum members about the topic,as I already know there aren’t “fixes” for these issues. They’re not really bugs. They’re more like, strange programming decisions.

I have used a Thrustmaster TMX , and Fanatec club sport for Forza Horizon 3, Forza 6 and Forza 7. All three were perfectly manageable, and after a few plays everything felt normal. Forza Horizon 4 on the other hand has remained unusual for the duration of my experience. Cockpit view specifically feels too slow, that’s the best way I can describe it. When I look down at my speed and it says I’m traveling around 160mph, it always confuses me because it feels like I’m going about 80mph. So the sense of speed is almost half that of previous titles. It’s not the FOV, because I’ve turned that up as much as possible, and it still feels slow

I’m hesitant to label that the cause of the problem screen shake, when turning off screen shake in Forza 7 still doesn’t make the cars feel like they’re barley moving at high speed. If anybody is interested, I could do a side by side screen comparison and show you what I’m talking about. When I travel 100mph in Forza 7 in cockpit, it damn well feels like I’m traveling 100mph. In FH4, it feels like I’m going 50. In chase cam the game feels fine, especially with a controller.

Just a heads up to the developers ^^ in my opinion this is what’s driving the complaints about the map feeling too small, while others say it’s huge. The folks who say the map feels huge, are playing the game in third person chase cam. The folks who complain about the map feeling to small, are more than likely playing it in first person, (while driving around at 200mph lol) , because that’s the only speed that feels like you’re moving.

Because this problem is exclusive to first person cockpit, I’m guessing it has something to do with FOV, camera shake, and head movement. Or the lack of. I don’t think it’s just one or the other. It has to be a combination of the three, because changing just one of them in Forza 7 doesn’t make a difference. The cars feel consistent regardless of camera shake in Forza 7.


I’ve thought that before, even in 3rd person… then I forgot, and kept playing the game.

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On console, where FOV cannot be adjusted, driver/cockpit view feels faster than the chase cams.

I think it’s the opposite, actually. Cockpit is slowest, with bumper cam the fastest.

Well we agree on the bumper cam, at least. Far chase feels slowest to me, then near chase, then the two driver cams, then hood, with bumper as the fastest. Not only does the speed seem more sedate in chase, but the handling also seems a bit sluggish.

I only play via cockpit view… Have for a better part of a decade. I’m not feeling/experiencing what your talking about. (PC)

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Cars feel considerably lazy in this game. It’s annoying.

The game can’t update the image fast enough for you to see real speeds so the game is slowed down, and you skid off the road at 10mph in some cars.

I feel the same. It is actually the lack of good camera shake and lack of focused motion blur. And even particle effects barely exists, like rain and snow, dust and leafes. NFS done it better.

I’ve noticed it feels slower on an Xbox One S than on PC where I was getting more than double the framerate… part of it is motion blur, part of it is just low framerate… and the rest is controls and a map meant to work well with high response times.