Why no porsche in NFS movie?

I found it quite strange to not have any porsche in the movie. I know why there was no Ferrari, they have only been in involved with legitimate racing games/movie. But we all know very well here how much EA rides the “Our game has porsche” The last race had 5 top brand cars and the Spano in there but I could def see a 918 in its place.

Funny that, I thought the Spano was a Porsche before I saw the movie… They may have had trouble getting a hold of a Porsche… Considering the Budget was $66 million…

That is quite strange. If I were Porsche, I’d be sort of pissed since they gave EA/NFS exclusive rights and don’t even showcase them in the movie. I know that movie licenses and game licenses are different, but you would think they would at least include one in the movie.

I haven’t seen, but in the trailer I notice a lot of smashed up cars. Maybe Porsche didn’t want people seeing their cars getting destroyed.

also it was really scary how these fast hypercars when they like flip once they catch on fire, the only ones that did not were the saleen s7, McLaren p1, and that one yellow car

well you can say why did they not have a Callaway Camaro instead of a Shelby gt 500 as the main car. well I’m saying that there was no Porsche because well it was hypercars and like top speed runners instead of like corvettes and vipers… Porsche, I was surprised that the Hennessy venom was not in the film. but the main thing is the fact that, you know when in racing movies were like the Lambo sesto elemento was only three made but then 20 other movies have 20 of them? :smiley: , the main thing I had about the movie was the background music was louder than the car engine and dialogue. I had to admit that was really the annoying thing about it. (also we do have Porsche, just dlc for the rich people–and you can see my rewards I dont have the Porsche pack)

I had a look on the movie’s website the night I watched it, and they actually replicated most of the cars so they could crash them.

Im not talking about a 911 turbo or GT3 RS. Porsche has the 918 the Carrera GT successor which at this point “until Mclaren posts the Nurb time” is faster then all of the cars in the final race lol. They are also in the games and imo dont mind a “bad” look at their cars like say ferrair does. Its just that after the last …three games is has been Look!!! We have this brand new porsche and no one else does look look!. The dlc for Forza 4!!! was how long ago? Plus the cars you saw were all shell cars. They made the shell look like said cars and were about 300k a body. Who knows but I was laughing after words thinking about and couldnt come up with a standout answer haha.

Porsche Don’t like there cars in movies don’t they?