Why is there no way to edit downloaded community tuning settings?

I´ve been playing the game since release and since then i was wondering why it isnt possible to edit downloaded tunings settings?
I mean dont get me wrong, most of the tunings are very good and im thankful for not having to do the fine tuning on my own but sometimes i just dont want a forza wing and ugly rims on my huracan!
I think we all know that problem :confused:

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Because people in Forza are overprotective of their work in a stupid video game.


It’s not like we tuners have a choice. I would gladly unlock all my tunes for other players so they could edit them.
Mainly for two reasons:

  • The mentionend visual preferences. Most of my builds are min-maxed for my driving style so my rims choices are normally restricted by PI because I mostly use them to min-max power/weight.
    Also rims I use may not fit other players taste or the often ugly Forza aero.
  • Fine-tuning that has to be adjusted for individual playstyles or tracks like brake pressure & bias or gear ratio. I usually adjust the gears to make most use out of the engine and fitted for a general usage. Thus, on some tracks my tunes are bad because the gear ratio doesn’t fit.

Not editing tuning is like not editing Vinyls. Some tunes can take a couple of hours to get right if you want them perfect. So after a couple of hours work someone can edit them in 5 minutes? Also who would make the original tunes when you can wait for other people to do them, and edit them?

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I mean there are easy ways to prevent that. They could do it that you cant upload edited tunings that are made by someone else or add permanent username tags that are attached to the tuning even if you change it!

Changing rims to others of the same weight makes sense, maybe other things like body kits too. White lettered tires too maybe. A wing can change the PI and drastically the performance so you may as well start over.

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The direct answer is: Because if you allow other players to just even see a downloaded tune, they could write it down and upload it as their own. I personaly wouldn’t be overly concerned about that, but I guess a lot of people would hesitate to upload their work if they knew that anyone can just reupload it as theirs. Also it would completly break the ranking system for tuning (even more then it is now).

But I’d like to add, that even if you could change the rims or the wings on a downloaded tune, you wouldn’t be happy with it.
I can just talk for me here, but if I change the stock rims then its because I have to. I most likly needed something to weight the car down another 1 or 2 kg to get under the class limit. Swítching these will most likly get you a PI rating of eg 801 I think we all know that this is bad, mkay?
Likewise, if I added a wing its not because I think it looks neat. More likly I added them despite I think they look bad, but make the car better. And I can guarantee you, if you take one of my cars that has a wing, and remove the wing without adapting the suspension setting, the result will be simply undriveable. And I don’t mean ‘drives a little bad’, I mean ‘can’t get the thing around a single corner no matter what I try’

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I’d just like to able to change the tire pressure now and then on a downloaded tune. Sometimes you’ll get an otherwise decent tune but the tires feel like hockey pucks.

One little advise. Stop using others tunnings. Because if you download a tune everytime you have a new car (i used to do it with my fav cars) you are going to run out of space very soon. And you would not be able to download anything else or not even put a car in the auction.

Keep that in mind, and now that you have only a few cars, learn how to tune. There is no other way. I also wanted to edit some of the tunnings i download to actually LEARN how they are tunned, but we cant. Another dumb mechanic in this game.

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Delete the tunes once you’ve downloaded them and applied them to the cars. The tunes remain on the cars and you don’t run out of space.

Doing that doesnt solve the problem with not being able to post a car in the auction. Also, i have about 700+cars. I just cant go one by one selecting the ones i dont “like” (i have hundreds of favourites) and delete the tune. So, at this point, i barely play.

Why can’t you auction a car? My tunes are all used up, but I can auction a car.

Because there is a bug, that everybody suffers, that when you reach your save limit, you cant put a car in the auction. As simple as that. It has really nothing to do with tunes or whatever.

So why did you say it was because of tunes then? But also… what save limit? You are removing a save by putting a car in auction.

Hm, i never said that, i think you are quoting the wrong guy.

You’ve said several times that deleting tunes doesn’t fix your problem in the auction house. Why are you mentioning tunes then at all? Plus the whole thread is about tunes so how are you not quoting about tunes?