Tuning settings

Hi, i like to ask, how come the tuning settings we can get from other players are locked?
It’s kinda anoying they are, cause then i cannot pick my own rims for my car, can i change that?

Nope can’t change it in any way, and it’s like that to keep people from stealing others’ tunes. They do the same for designs as to keep people from copying them and saying they made it themselves. Just learn to tune yourself, its not that hard and you get to choose your wheels.

when you install a tune you get the upgrades, so reset the car to default then fit the upgrades that are owned.
there are loads of YouTube video tutorials for tuning cars, from how to balance the suspension to setting the gear ratios.
it does take a bit of time but the sense of accomplishment you get when you get a car to handle perfectly is worth it.
you can also share your tunes and get a steady income from people downloading them.

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