Why is forza so hollow !!!

Ok so i been Playing forza since it dropped on the xbox 1 you know the real xbox 1 , but that game seemed to have it all . full offline and online modes tracks for every taste sprint races , a drift track kinda and wasnt even close to the level of data and graphics scale that forza 7 is . it seems like since forza 5 we lost the soul of the game . the loot box system in forza 7 is 100% pointless why cant we just buy mod cards we want . most of the mod cards are stupid because you can run no abs and a mod card to give you a bonus for no abs . i feel forza 1 will always be the best game even if it didnt have the modern features . it had everything you needed to play progress and share what happened !!!


You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com

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