Why is everything so poorly placed and hard to find so better forza smh

Hi can someone please help me find some good Dodge Charger 2015 liveries all I can find is the complete opposite of what I search like it’s almost impossible for you to search something up you need in this game and get what you’re looking for how am I gonna mess my own paint jobs if I can’t see how to do it and I’m new can’t even find any to download that are good can someone please plug me with a painter on the game so I can download livery because this is just exhausting and terrible system

I’m a painter… everyone likes different styles. The search is actually based on the painter’s description words, and it works fine. However if a painter does not use the right words it is their own fault.

Occasionally I find something looking through the auction house but it’s a bit random. What style are you looking for?

What are you looking for? I have a nice Daytona livery, spent a good amount of time getting everything just right. The one up right now I think is TorRed and the 50th anniversary blue one. I can do other colors if you’d want.