Why is coop tour so stupid?

I don’t HATE the game mode itself, it’s just set up in such a way to disadvantage anybody that doesn’t have a million cars, and multiples of each, exactly optimized for each class.

The stupid thing resets the category every minute, so when I go to it, I usually have like 40 seconds or less, to find a car from the SPECIFIC category it wants, AND the class, find or buy that car, add or remove parts to optimize it for the specific PI class it wants, then tune or re-tune it for they type of race. I usually can’t even make it to the upgrade menu in the garage before time runs out, let alone DO a single thing to it. There’s the “auto-upgrade” feature, but I have absolutely NO clue what it’s doing when it thinks it’s “upgrading” anything. It gives TERRIBLY optimized setups, and never even hits the right PI number anyways.

I know the AI is stupid easy, and might as well not even be in the race, but it’s annoying coming in last when other people luck out and have the perfect vehicle, or have multiple vehicles optimized specifically for coop tour. I mean, the AI poses no challenge, so it’s basically just a casual PVP race anyways, because it’s not like the AI is ever going to win.

I’ve only managed to ever play like 2 coop tours where I happened to have the exact vehicle, with the right PI for. the event.

I’m cool with the time limit and rotating races, but a few seconds isn’t enough time to prep. It should be like 5 minutes, or it should have a little notice on the current race, notifying you of what the next races car type and class will be.

On top of that, they make you do the stupid freeroam driving across the map, instead of just fast traveling/putting you in the next race instance. You can play freeroam all day if you want, this is just wasting time. Due to the terrible servers, you sometimes disconnect during this phase, instead of just keeping you in races where it’s stable. The seasonal objective makes you FINISH these, so even if you disconnect right before the final race, you have to do it all over again.

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This should in theory go away in time. While they haven’t said a word about it, it seems like the tour adds more seasonal races in from past series. The BMW seasonal from the pre-season series has been added to the tour for example.

So, if you tune cars for the seasonals, you should in theory eventually always have a car for the tours, or at least most of them.

I’m uncertain if this is actually the plan, but it makes a ton of sense and evidence suggests it’s the plan.

Treat it as “stock cars racing” and use rental. That is what I do.

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I’ve only done the Tour 3 times, maybe 4. The time limit is cutting it close sometimes…if I see there isn’t enough time, then I just press B to quit. I have, however, with a 45 second countdown, managed to choose a car, get in it, find a tune (I don’t tune myself) and apply the tune…got back to freeroam with like 3 seconds left!

It will match 1 opponent car to your cars pi. So you do not need to upgrade cars. Your aim should be to beat 1 opponent minimum.

Maybe you want it to be something it is not meant to be?
To me it feels like very casual racing. I don’t feel any competition with the other players, but if they want they can fight it out amongst themselves. I like picking random cars and see how they perform.

But I guess this is my complete feeling towards FH5. Nothing PvE ever feels like a competition, every race feels like an exhibition race or something.
And I really like it. I have various race sims for the competition aspect. They nailed the “celebration of cars” vibe in the Forza Horizon games.
Now if they could only iron those bugs out…

Having said that, if you really want to be competitive in this mode, I am sure in time you will have your perfect car for each race


Im really starting to outright hate this game. And this is very much the entire vibe of the series. Its the reason it gets a 10/10 IGN. Its not actually a racing game. And even less of one than in 4. Its digital tourism that happens to involve cars. You get 90% of your cars and money from an unironic slot machine. And god forbid you go buy a car from the showroom that you want. And then find out that you just need to jump 3 jumps or run into 50 cacti to just get the car you wanted from an Accolade. The spirit of Forza is nothing more than an echo residual left in a franchise thats become a vain and insufferably marketable appeal to all. And whats worse is a lot, if not all of this ethos in design has been leaking into the Motorsport franchise as well. what with random car prizes and mod cards. But it wouldnt be the modern gaming industry without a standing franchise that gets cynically dragged through the mud of corporate smog.


It’s probably the part of the game I’m enjoying the most. It’s sort of chill, the driving between races is nice and I get to build and race cars I might not normally use. I’ve only had 1 or 2 races in the city that I had to race with morons trying, and failing to wallride and ramming. I’ve come in the first place probably 90% of the time, and if I didn’t have the perfect car for the class AI was always easy enough to beat. If I didn’t have a car for the class I made note of it and had a good time figuring out and building something for that class.

The only issue I’ve noticed is I built a C class 2021 Bronco for the C class Pickups and 4x4’s but the game only allowed everyone to use the new Jimmy.


Well, I like to try and stay ahead of the pack, because it’s nice coming in first, but ALSO… half of the time I play these it’s with idiots, who drive like it’s a derby, or will try and park sideways in the middle of the road on a tight spot, wrecking people, and getting a DNF. I just don’t really wanna stay near the other players, and don’t wanna hang out in last.

Like I said, with the lack of any competition from the low difficulty AI, they basically aren’t even involved in these races, just players. So, it turns into more of a casual competition (I mean, they literally feature the 1st place winner at the end of the race). If they where to turn up the AI difficulty more, or allow tours with 2 teams of players, it would put more emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

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I don’t see why it can’t be pick a car, pick a tune.

I guess it COULD have before, but they removed the ability to select a tune before races, and you don’t really have enough time to tune it yourself. I mean, I guess you could try and do some slight adjustments, that you know are mostly universal for certain cars, but you wouldn’t have a chance to test it.

I’m less worried about the tune, then the PI. Most cars perform well enough for these types of races with a stock tune, but quit often it might be an A-800 race, and you have an you have your a class cars tuned out of A, or have one at 701, or the only one available for rental are ones you don’t like.

It’s one thing if they just GIVE you a certain car and that’s that, but when they give you the choice to pick the car YOU want, I want to use one I like.

Yeah, i find the Tour to be a very relaxed racing environment…maybe because I win most of the races I enter (no clue why as I’m not very fast) so I am ahead of any shenanigans

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Either something was slipped into my morning coffee or I just genuinely did one of these where 4 people fail to score any points between them in 1 of the races.

I left after seeing the drive to the next event was 10km, putting it lightly I wouldn’t have been happy doing that if that above was to have repeated itself.

At some post I really think do they really know what kind of game they bought - I mean this is Forza Horizon - not Forza Motorsport! It should be fun, it is an open world designed to free roaming the landscape. There are also some races ivolved but come on, it is not like Forza Motorsport where you really can drive the car of your choice only in an race enviroment and mostly in a competitive one if your not doing some training laps…

For me is the coop tour also fun and relaxing. Even if I have to drive an untuned Vauxhall Monaro in the last participated one…

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Somehow the Tour is a “trial light” for me - you have human players vs AI, but the difficulty is significantly lower. The relaxed racing was mentioned before, and I try and test car tunings and learn the race tracks. And quite often the races are clean and good fun.

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Solution proposal: Make the tour restrictions change every hour/half hour/quarter hour, display that period’s restrictions before one enters the queue, allowing a player to prepare a vehicle for it, and then enter the race. Ensures a person has the opportunity to select and tune a car for the races, maintains the variety of races so it hopefully doesn’t get boring.

I like the idea of Horizon Tour, i like that this mode forcing you to pick different cars, but i don’t like the dufficulty in this mode. I would like if devs add an option to choose difficulty.

Honestly, I’d have a lot more fun with this mode if it wasn’t broken like most of the rest of the game. If I choose to do a tour that features “4x4’s & Pickups”, it puts EVERYONE in GMC Jimmy’s even though there’s several other cars to choose from in that category. Which means I can’t do a tour in my Ford Raptor even though its also under the same category. >.> If I choose to do a “Anything Goes” tour that features Offroad tracks, it puts everyone in Mini’s for some reason. Offroad Mini’s, at least, but that isn’t “Anything Goes”, it’s “Offroad Mini”. What the heck is wrong with this game?