When is the unplayable multiplayer FIXED? *Rant*

Like it has been already said many times, the multiplayer is terrible. Might be THE worst multiplayer of any racing game i’ve ever played.

It has sooo many problems, but lets start from the biggest.

“Team Adventure”

Why team? I hated the team adventure in FH3 and 2, and so did everyone i know. When you are dealing with a series so notorious from ramming, wallriding, trolling and many more things, why make the game TEAM only? Makes no sense. I’ve seen way too many races end up with our team (…me) scoring 650 points, while the rest of my team got lost before the first checkpoint. And let’s remember here, that i have been playing ranked. The teams are so unbalanced and i’ve never seen a single adventure go to the 5th round. Usually it ends in the 3rd one, while the other team is trailing by 2000+ points.

Another big problem, Multiplayer car resets.

Why? Why cannot i reset my car position in multiplayers races, if i get pushed off track (or make a huge mistake in freeroam rush) and end up on the side of the car. I can’t move, i can’t reset the car, i’m just stuck there, waiting for the end of the race. And if i just leave my controller on the table and look at my phone etc. i get kicked from inactivity. What should had i done!? Hold the gas and wiggle the steering for good 5 minutes? No thank you.

And as i already mentioned, Freeroam Rush.

This shouldn’t be a gamemode. It was ok in FH3, when you could drive to the next race and grab a couple thousand extra points on the way, and if lucky, maybe even go up 1 position on the leaderboard. No problems there. But now, when Freeroam Rush is an actual race, thats too often THE race that race, that determines the winning team.
Why build a super fast S2 class road car, when youre bound to lose to the stadium trucks and rallycars in freefoam rush. Also, lighter cars are in such a disadvantage, as the rammers (almost like half of the whole community) use as big cars as they can. What can you do, if you’re racing, let’s say TVR Sagaris, and GMC Vandurra hits you at 150mph, throwing you far of the track and making you miss the checkpoint. Same thing happens in the S2 class too.


Why is there a rank system, if the rank means nothing? Rank 20 and rank 3 can apparently race in the same lobby, so why have them at all. I tought it would be more bearable the higher rank i got, but apparently it doesn’t matter. And what i’ve noticed, people on higher ranks (10+) are the worst rammers.

Aaand lastly.

The servers don’t work. Surprise? I think not.
People don’t connect, game doesn’t start, people get stuck in a pre-race lobby, cannot join friends’ games, cannot join convoys, disconnected from Horizon Life, disconnected from race, cannot download liveries/tuning setups, cannot upload them, cannot import data from earlier games and all sorts of things like that. I don’t think there has a single online functionality that has always properly worked while i’ve played this game. And no, it’s not my internet connection, in case you were wondering.

I really would want to love this game, as much i loved the first one. And i almost did, while i played the single player. Feels like this game really brought back some of the magic from the first game, which was lost after that.
It wasn’t the most lenghty single player, and i really miss the buket list challeneges from FH3, they brought in good variety, and made the game last longer. Even tho there are the horizon stories, its not the same thing. Now only thing that lasts in the single player, is the grind to the level 20 road racing… Still not even close.
Tbh, if the single player was a little longer, and IF the multiplayer was even close to playable, this would had been one of the best, maybe even THE best racing game i’ve played to date.
But with these flaws, it’s not. Some of my friends have asked if it’s worth to buy. Sadly, i’ve always had to say no. If you wanna play it, 1 month of game pass is quite cheap, and during the month, you see everything. All the good bad bad sides.

Rant over

We’re looking into all the feedback and suggestions noted from the community regarding this mode at the moment.

This is currently being investigated as high priority.

Same as Team Adventure. We have listened to feedback and are currently in discussion regarding this topic.

You can check our troubleshooting articles here or submit your issues regarding these here.


The forums isn’t the place to ‘rant.’ If you would like to do this, please submit a ticket at the link just noted in the above sentence. You can then use the drop down menu to choose between your specific are of issue/bug or pick the suggestions/feedback option for anything else or features which you would like to let us know about in relation to Forza Horizon 4.

Thank you for your information, please follow these steps with our support page. I will now lock this thread.

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