Why have some storefronts been wiped?

Two of my preferred tuners (V12 SprungBoss and TenienteMM22) have no longer any files in their storefronts (0 tune, 0 livery …). I remember that the same thing happened to Nalak28 a few months ago, if I’m not mistaken.
But you can still see their total downloads and followers, so I presume they’re still active. Did they wipe all their content themselves or was it a technical incident ? or maybe they restarted the game from scratch?

maybe they got banned
if you get banned your storefronts get wiped

Any new info?

They could’ve wiped their SF because they didn’t feel like FH4 was still worth investing their efforts in, I’ve seen it before.

Sprungboss posted this on another thread:

“I want to thank everyone for great racing, sadly after what PG did (i know that if i would open my mind here my message would just get deleted and get banned here) im not gonna start Horizon anymore so you guys wont see me in leaderboars anymore. It’s been pleasure to drive against you guys and i hope i will see many of you in some other game and merry xmas to everyone.”

Don’t have any more details than that.

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Thanks a lot. He has info on Xbox profile but it’s not clear what happened. He was my most skillful friend so it’s visible when he stopped (again, after some comeback).

He and a couple other tuners I use and frequented the board have closed/lost their shops. True BS if driven by PG, V12 and the others had awesome tunes. I went looking last week for a tune mentioned in a Forzathon thread, and not even user was searchable.

Well i was indeed being banned (just like TenienteMM22) but unlike Nalak28 few months ago game didint for some reason make strorefront visible again, when i go my tunes it shows that those are shared but when unsharing and sharing it’s lead just server error.

Support told me month ago that there can be occasionally problem with shared files and told me if that happend to contact them so they will assist. Well there was problem and when i contact support they just told me that if i have been ban they are not gonna assist and insteed i should manually delete everything and then re-save them and after that message they didint even answer me anymore.

I have allready strugling to find motivation to play Horizon and this last month treatment by forza and their support is been something that i dont want launch Horizon anymore. Sure i could start again but in this point i raither do and play something else.

Thank you everyone who is being enjoying my tunes, it’s been pleasure to be here with you guys.


totally understand!

One more clue that lead me to foresee that next FH will come with no or very limited tuning feature (eliminator way ).

If you are banned your storefront is wiped from our servers. You will need to re save and re share your items.


Unless the ban is related to storefront content then this seems really unfair, and ultimately self-defeating if it turns valued members of the community away and also punishes the entire community by removing their access to quality content.


For a Permaban I can see that. but a temp ban? Pretty extreme and onerous on someone with tons of tunes. Plus. users have a tune storage max, so we need to go back and retrieve tunes we deleted for room. Blocking storefront during a temp ban would be solution, 3 strikes and delete. Fair to other users and fair to banned tuner.

The tuners have supported the community, and it alienates them, obviously. Level 10 and up or 15 and up pass would be more reasonable for community.
Or, you could increase tune memory which seems impossible (Memory for tunes should be at least as big as number of cars but I digress).

I assume same is true of liveries. Same double penalty for them, and loss to community at large.

Just a thought, PG needs creative people to drive the game and the community.



They should hire them because they are probably much better gamers than anybody else in the studio.


It was a rough ride for tuners and painters alike.

In this game a few people got a head start so they could provide early content, but these were skilled people. Then the game released and some less skilled people began to exploit the system so their tunes/paints became most downloaded, which disappointed the skilled people. To this day I see excellent paints get very low download counts whereas there’s trash with number of downloads in the thousands.

Then the FI update came out changing wheel paint system and it broke older designs. Since the bug was never addressed, it felt as if Playground was telling them “it’s on you to fix and reupload them”. Easier said than done, as some of these painters already had hundreds of paints shared.

Some of my favorite painters slowed down production after Playlist was introduced. Harder to get the cars and less time to paint. Others saw how the download system was being exploited and resorted to boost their download counts by providing simple or repeated liveries. There are still quality painters active in FH4 but they replace old active painters instead of adding to them. Some regulars here haven’t painted as much for FH4 as they did for FH3.


Can only agree with most of the comments above. It seems a ludicrous situation to require someone to potentially re-share 500 odd tunes as a result of a temporary ban. The likelihood is that they simply won’t do so and it’s then the community which suffers - as they no longer have access to the tunes which had kindly been shared in the first place.



As always, bans are not an appropriate topic of discussion for these forums. For whatever reason, this particular situation is the result of a ban/suspension and we’re not going to litigate such things here.