Why was I permanantly banned from the storefront?

Hi, I’m coming here to see if there is any way I can get unbanned from the storefront. I haven’t been on FM6 in months and I log on to no ban message but I cant download tunes, liveries, or vinyls. It tells me I have been banned from this feature and I’m so confused why it’s that way. I can still race in hopper lobbies and private lobbies. I’m confused how I was banned because I never posted anything in appropriate to the storefront. I would like to be unbanned because this is really annoying and it feels like I can only enjoy half of a game. My gamertag is ViperFan 3393 and if there is any way of getting this resolved I would very much enjoy your help. Thanks!

What was it again you wanted to pull out for Harambe?

If you have concerns, contact Turn 10 by email at forzafb@microsoft.com.