Why does only 1 car have full rumble support?

So I was playing FH 2 and loved how each car had the rumble setup, it actually felt amazing that one trigger reacted perfectly to the gas and the other to the brake. Now in Forza 6 they took a huge step backwards in that department. On almost all car don’t have the trigger rumble, actually regular vibrations are too light and unnoticeable most of the time. I have only noticed it on the Lotus F1 car and it feels great. Why did turn10 go backwards and and not include this on all cars, or at least the option to turn it on? Was it pure laziness?

Btw I might be wrong about the 1 car, but I got almost all the top cars and haven’t noticed it.

My trigger vibes work fine, and my controller shakes like its angry. I don’t this issue and I have driven at least 70 different cars by now.

Have you updated your controller firmware? It may need doing.

Are the batteries full? If they’re low, rumble gets disabled to keep controller going for longer. A power saving mode if you will.

Have you hard reset your Xbox One? With it on, hold down power button for about 10 seconds. Then unplug it for 30 secs. This will remove many issues.

I haven’t had any of these issues. I’m using the Forza LE controller that came with the New Xbox, and it’s fine. I also have two other controllers and they all work fine and rumble for all cars. I’d say the prolem lies with your console or game installation.
Try the tips above and let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:


I have the LE console and controller but use the TX wheel so I could not tell you!

The controller vibration and right trigger vibration feel fine to me. It’s the brake trigger that I’m having issues with. I feel no vibration until the wheels lock up. It’s taken me some time to get used to it because it’s difficult to tell how hard I can brake before the tires lock up. I had no issues with it when playing Forza 5, the vibration would steadily get stronger the more applied the brakes. I even went back to that game just to see the difference and there surely is a difference in brake vibration. In Forza 6 I feel nothing up until the point the tires lock up and even then the vibration is very weak.

Checked my advanced settings and controller vibration is turned up all the way. My firmware is up to date so it has nothing to do with the firmware. I have two controllers. A day one edition that came with the Xbox on launch and I purchased a second controller a few months ago and I get the same results from both.

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Same problem here. I was initially thinking it was due to the NXOE, as I am a preview member, and I think the issue started more or less at the same time as when I got the update. But it could also be a FM6 update. I don’t think I noticed this issue when I first installed FM6, back in September.


Hard to get a brake pressure feeling

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Agree. Triggers weak.Overall feedback not as detailed or helpful to driving.

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Same grumble here, the brakes are hard to feel now (esp as no ABS used here).
Hopefully they may take a look at this in the future.

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Don’t push the left trigger more than 20% or so and you get a better feeling for the brakes. In fm6 you don’t need brake hard in most of the cars. Since I figured that out I have no probs with brakes. First I always have standing wheels and lowered the break pressure. But now I use 140% break pressure and have no standing wheels because I use the left trigger really really gentle. It takes some hours but after that it works fine. In real life you use the brake pedal gentle too.

Yes, I have my one set to 120-130%, and obviously I’m not saying I’m locking up - just that you can’t FEEL it as much.
It would be nicer to have some feeling back in the trigger that’s all :slight_smile: