To less rumble on the controller Forza 6 Demo

I was a bit shocked as i play the demo and get much less rumble like on fm5. I miss a bit connection to the tires and grip. Even when i drove over some curbs in rio i feel NOTHING! Please give us more rumble effects that get more feeling for the track. Fm5 have such great rumble and here i miss that a bit. Beside that great work.

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IMO there is not enough trigger rumble compared to Forza 5. In the demo I can barely feel anything in the triggers. I hope that it’s more like Forza 5 trigger rumble in the full game.

Yep only thing I noticed that I didn’t care for; however, it’s just a demo so I’m not too concerned.

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I agree that overall it felt like it wasn’t strong enough. FM5 could be a bit heavy handed, I’d like to see a better balance between FM5 and the FM6 Demo.

Yes it’s only a demo, but i really hope that developers read that carefully. Because bad rumble and trigger support can make a different game. So if not in the release version so then in patch that should be changed.

Giving the user the option to control the rumble intensity and vibrating trigger intensity might be nice. I’m sure some don’t like having it as strong.

You have this option under controls. But the main issues is that the rumble now give my not enough feeling for the car, tyre and track.

You’re right, not sure why I forgot about that. Probably because it’s late and I should get to bed.

On that note!

This is what I like about the trigger rumble in Forza 5. You can easily feel how hard you can brake just before locking up the tires. For me the trigger rumble really helps me feel at one with the car and how it behaves on the track in different situations.

The game controller did seem to have more instances when it felt like a lifeless paper weight, how ever the rumble for the hydro planing felt dead on. With the game being Gold, I don’t know if there is any thing they can do, but the controller did feel more alive in forza 5. I can live with it, but I stopped playing the Crew cause the controller had no feedback, this is much better on forza 6.

At least it doesn’t want to rip your controller apart like FM5/FH2

Same here I felt the rumble was far too weak.

I completely agree. The demo is fantastic except for the lack of ‘feel’ in the triggers. Surely this can be adjusted in a small patch upon release.

BTW, I love the inclusion of mods, it adds an interesting extra dimension to the game.

Can’t wait for the 10th.

Maybe it will be different with the new controller being
released. I believe it will have a preset dialled in for Forza 6.

At first when I tried the demo and felt that the rumble effect wasn’t as good as it’s been in previous Forza titles on the Xbox One, I wasn’t too worried since I knew that the default rumble setting in those games had been 50%. After checking the setting in the Forza 6 demo, unfortunately, the default setting was already at 100%.
I do remember however that the rumble effect in the Forza 5 demo was a lot lower than it turned out to be in the full game, so I still have hope that all will be fine once the game is released.

Personally I prefer the rumble in 6, 5 was over the top and too intrusive to the point I actually ran with it off most of the time.

I’d welcome more rumble like 5 but if Forza has 100% determined it’s better this way I’m ok with that. Hopefully they will consider our input here, but probably wishful thinking.

I wasn’t able to play the Demo cause waiting on my Forza 6 bundle but from what my friend says the rumble is really low and definitely needs an update or something. FM5 had it at a good level.

Hey I also felt there wasn’t enough rumble in both the controller and triggers, fingers crossed the full game has more :).

Felt good with the TX!