Why does fh4 feel so bad with a wheel? does anyone have a decent setting to play with my dd1 wheel?

I have a fanatec dd1 wheel and mainly play sim racers.
Before that i played a lot of forza 7 and forza horizon 4.
Forza horizon 4 is superb with a controller!
So i was thinking, its gonna be very good with a wheel but i was sooo wrong.
I spend like 2 afthernoons to get a decent setting in game and on my dd1 but nothing seem to help.
With a wheel this game feels just horrible! Its really so bad.
How come when your game feels superb with a controller it can feel horrible with a wheel?
Anyway, is there someone @developers who can help me with a ‘driveable’ setting for my fanatec dd1 wheel?
Or will i have to quit fh4 completely?
Hope someone can provide me with decent settings.

I really hate to say this but I just recieved my CSL Elite Wheel for Ps4, loaded up Gran Turismo Sport, and with stock settings it was phenomenal, the FFB, intuitiveness and response of driving felt like sitting in a real car. Spent plenty of time trying to mess with Horizon, you can make it “not as bad” but I never would consider any settings I messed with good. Wheel response in FM7 is actually pretty nice, so I’m thinking the next gen of Forza games will excellent with a wheel.