Why cant the game be the way I demand ?

Who’s the genius that allowed V10/V12 swaps for the Bone Shaker?

The stock V8 barely fits in the damn thing!

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The same genius who denied the V12 in the Jaguar most likely

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Does it matter in a fantasy car in a game that most people seem to label full on arcade which means anything goes?


If anything goes was actually the case where you could put anything in anything it would be no problem.

I find it stupid to be allowed to put a V12 in the wrong cars and not be able to put it somewhere where it may be likely such as the Jag D type.

Anything goes would be good, or restrictions that were actually logical.

V12 Dodge Dart - not logical - but possible
V12 D Type Jag - logical - but not possible
V10 D Type Jag - not as logical as a V12 - but still possible

Sidenote: the Boneshaker may be used if the possiblity to remove the stupid skull existed.

That’s kinda the whole premise of the car?


Unfortunately - Yes
Kinda ruins the car for every other purpose

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I’m sorry. But what other purpose do you see for a super hot rod? Do you wanna take it off roading? Run through some rivers? Make it go 275+? It’s a hot rod meant for show, not a tricked-out-do-everything car.

What ever would anyone want to use a hot rod for?
If the skull could be removed it would make a realistic RAT ROD which would be at home at the DRAGSTRIP as a major use for me, its quite fast and fun.
Secondry uses would be a blank canvas to create different styles of ROD, (RAT, Retro, Modern, Classic etc) if your into creating.
It also handles very well as a drift car if you could theme it correctly.

The big stupid skull is only at home on the Hotwheels track, which is a place I do not go. and thus “RUINS THE CAR FOR EVERY OTHER PURPOSE”

I guess if your someone who does not care about realism, or take pride in the look of the car you choose to drive and do not create anything then It is probably not a big issue.

This is Horizon. Not big on realism in this game compared to the Motorsport series. That’s why we also have the '32 Ford. Any other arguments?


Two points. This car IS in Forza 6 (you know the more realistic game) and the car isn’t a fantasy car that only makes sense on the Hot Wheels track. This is a car that is real and has existed for a while. People can actually design and sculpt skulls in real life. I’ll just leave this here… Hot Wheels Bone Shaker - YouTube and this just because I’m sure this will be called a fake as well… Hot Wheels Twin Mill part 2 - YouTube

I wasn’t saying the cars weren real. I know they’re real cars. My point was you can’t complain about Horizon being unrealistic when it’s not meant to be a simulator.

Who complained about the game not being realistic? I certainly didn’t as I love how realistic it is.

I just said its a shame about the skull making the car useless for people who enjoy the realistic aspects of the game. Because it would otherwise be a very cool car if it could be removed. (I have no idea how you interpret this into an argument about realism)

Your next post saying the boneshaker is a fantasy car and belongs here as is, If you want real go play FM… The next reply pointed out the boneshaker is also in full fantasy trim in FM. So now your off on another imaginary argument that we implied it is a simulator?

You seem to be arguing with the voices in your head.

I wasn’t arguing, I was just putting in my opinion about a plastic skull ruining the look of a car that could otherwise be pretty cool as a rat rod, which i still think is a shame
You came along and began disagreeing and fishing for an argument…

So if your done i doubt there will be any more arguments - not from me anyway.

Looking at it in Forzavista mode, there seems to be a bit of space left. And according to the displacement figures, it only needs about 3 liters worth of space, which isn’t a whole lot, really. There are other cars with available engine swaps where the stock engine is crammed tight into a molded space that make their swaps seem far more improbable.

Only if you’re a boring person who hates skulls and metal. :wink:

I actually like skulls, I even have one !
I also like metal, my bumpers are metal.
I dont like plastic skulls or having them on my car tho.

Another thing
Most of the D type cars on the road are actually manufactured to resemble the original, lots of those have a V12 fitted. google it.
I doubt anyone has axed a genuine one as they are too rare and expensive.

Since people do it in real life why not in here? Hell why not be able to throw a giant plastic skull on the front for good measure??

Displacement has very little to do with the external dimensions of an engine. Yes it has an effect, but things like cam position, bore/stroke ratio, block angle etc can impact significantly. Compare the size of a 5.7L pushrod Chev to a 4.0L DOHC Toyota V8, the 1UZ takes up a mile more space despite having a 30% smaller displacement than the LS1


I cannot add enough likes for this post, HIR07A. Another example (please excuse my lack of illustrations) is the Ford Mustang in 1995-1996. In '95 the V8 versions of the car used the venerable OHV Windsor block 4.9L, with the GT using the 225 hp H.O. version, and the Cobra using an SVT version producing 240hp. In 1996, the Mustang V8s were replaced with the 4.6L “modular” engine. The GT got the SOHC version, along with a new K-member and motor mounts to make it fit under the existing hood. The Cobra got the DOHC version and in spite of the new motor mounts and K-member still needed a slightly taller hood to clear the cam covers and intake plenum. These are things one needs to take into account when swapping engines. Those DOHC heads offer much better airflow, but they take up more room under the hood. Some of FH3’s engine swaps just make no sense because of that.

If you’ve looked under the bonnet of a D-type you’d realise that the V10 shouldn’t even be possible either, there is NO room in there even with the stock I-6 (note that Jaguar had to put an offset bulge in the bonnet because the engine was slightly canted just to fit the intake). Whilst the tub is a monocoque the front-end is spaceframe and there are structural members running right through where the front of the block would be on a long V-engine like a V10 or V12

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I meant it is possible or not possible in the game, not real life.

Isnt a V12 the same length as a straight 6 anyway? both 6 cyl long…

Yes but V-engines are significantly wider than inline ones. A lot of old Euro cars (and Japanese too) have front-ends designed around long skinny inline engines, which can make it next to impossible to put a V-engine in even if they are shorter as the heads and exhaust will often hit the chassis or suspension.