Why can't i buy car?

I have just started the game, and am wanting to buy my 2nd car. I have 32000 and 100 tokens. According to filtered search I can afford a car (it costs 30000 & 90 tokens). But when i click on the car i get a window about purchase options. I r confused.


It is 30,000 Fredits OR 90 Tokens. It is asking you which you want to use to purchase the car. Decide which is best for you and select - it will then have you choose a design - or you can use a factory color.

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Correct. If you want to use your earned credits, select the ‘use credits’ option. Though, I do caution you: it appears you are relatively early into the game. I recommend earning more credits with the car you currently have and save up to progress easily through the career. We’ve seen several posts from folks who have spent their credits quickly only to become stuck with having to repeat career events or needing to run several Rivals events.

Of course, this is only a suggestion. Best of luck to ya’ and welcome to Forza!

The option that comes up appears to be to spend real money, can’t remember using credits or tokens as option - is asking if I want car pack for $X or 10 car pack for $X???

If you are attempting to purchase a car which is DLC (download content), you cannot do so until you own the car pack in which that car is available. See the Forza Motorsport 5 - Game FAQ: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst6805_Forza-Motorsport-5---Game-FAQ.aspx