Why can you use rewind in rivals?

Why can you use rewind in rivals? Shouldn’t this be disabled to prevent players from rewinding over and over until they perfect each corner?

It makes the lap dirty…


I doesn’t undo a dirty lap so is no big issue.

The rewind helps the player to get the right brake point. And as stated before, if you are using it, the lap doesn’t count. And if you don’t want to use it by accident, just turn it off in the options^^

But I am pretty sure you know that. Honestly I find it a bit sad that it gives you no extra credits or xp if you disable the rewind. Seems there were to many players complaining about that…

I’m not completely against this change. It’s part of the game and maybe for rivals it isn’t necessarily a good thing to have it on but it’s extremely useful.

Some people think it’s cheating and I see why but sometimes I don’t want to have to restart a race because I missed a checkpoint or an AI forced me off line enough to miss one. Furthermore, as of horizon 4 rewind was added to online play, greatly improving it for less experienced players as well. Either way you’ll probably end up in last but at least you don’t lose as much time to the other drivers as previous games.

The reason I asked is because I always have rewind turned off. However I had it turned on today while doing rivals and was disappointed when I saw you could use it. But thanks everyone for clarifying that it makes the lap dirty. That’s what I wanted to hear.