Why can’t we create our own drift lobby’s. With points

So I mostly only play fh4 for drifting and the seasonal events. But I recently started making my own tracks. While testing a drift track I made I realized there is absolutely no way to create your own drift events. Not even on maps that are used in drift adventure. When I say events I mean with points, off track and checkpoint miss penalty’s, etc. Can why maybe get playground games attention and maybe they could add it in?!? It can’t be that hard to add to the game, I get it if the custom made tracks can’t allow it but at least let us create private drift lobby’s with the tracks that are already being used in adventure. This way not only can you play with only friends to warm up or train or just have fun but you can choose what class and drivetrain you want. I know “chickenfryy” had a thread about how we have no choice in the type of drifting lobby we get put in and I gotta agree. When I first bought the 911 carrera ‘19 it took me hours to get a lobby for the class it was in.
Also this would allow us to have competitions which atm is not possible for drifting. Or at least as far as I know. If they can add new cars every month why can’t they simply add a drift option along with road, street, rally, and cross country in the custom game settings.
I know it’s wishful thinking but you never know and if they never add this feature to fh4 please show the same love to the drift community as the race community.

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Totally agree with this. It would be nice to test your changes you make to a tune on the actual track rather than drift zones.

Wasn’t there an option to turn on drift points in rivals in one (or maybe all) of the motorsport games?