Drift lobby-leaderboard petition

Is this something that a bulk of the forza community especially those of us that have been loyal customers can come together and try to ask turn 10 nicely to add a drifting lobby/leaderboard? My question is do they plan to release these things in the future? If not than why the drift mode in the free play options? There has to be at least thousands of people wondering the same thing. Especially those who spent 100$ on the ultimate edition.


ill be ok if they just add the leaderboard in the free play , like it was in forza4 … without restictions ( of course only RWD ), for every track , doesnt matter the class of the car…

I can understand the want to separate the different drive types of cars but only putting leader boards up for RWD ( it is entirely possible that I just dont understand what you meant exactly so if that is the case I apologize in advance) would cut out many cars that can drift. in FM7 I am noticing that more and more cars can be converted to AWD, if you dont have a place to keep track to the people who only drift AWD or FWD you are cutting out player base and that is the root of why everyone is mad about there being no drift lobbies in the first place.

awd and fwd isnt drifting, drifting is ONLY rwd, awd and fwd can do gymkhana things … let’s keep the thing how it have to be :wink:

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I’m all about this petition, I have almost 900 days of straight game play in the forza series. It’s been an amazing series since 4 and I don’t know what happened ever since the Horizon series been out every Forza has been completely failure they have been completely boring lack of competitiveness and 7 is finally some actual competition with the homologate for people setting up tandem tourneys. But then you have a point system in place yet a lack of the leaderboard to display this is just laziness

Yup i loaded multiplayer expecting a drift lobby and there isnt one. What the heck man. I know theres private lobby drifting but you dont meet new people in private lobbies.

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