Could someone explain why there is no leaderboards. Those requests for that to happen was by many. No FWD,AWD, or RWD drift leaderboards. When the “community” speaks you turn 10 should listen. No one really cares about auto vista leave that crap out and do what the community ask’s. You know I pre-order the ultimate edition in good faith that this was not gonna be like FM5 and I FAILED! All I can say is I’m a very long time veteran of FM. But now I think I will move along. I will have to dust that $100.00 off under the table delete this crap off my one. And find something that’s actually Competitive with leaderboards. I know u can still add them in an update nothing is impossible. But you should really listen to the people who is making your pockets full of cash! Screwed us with fm5 no leaderboards and now 6 .turn 10 u should make this 10 year run the End thanks for screwing this one up too!

There’s more to driving games than hot-laps and drifting but good luck in your gaming travels.


There is a competitive side to all of it also. The competitive side is drifting and leaderboards. Take a look at fm4 how many racers do u see on average vs drifters lol thought so. It’s because the competitive side of the community drifts for points and spend hours trying to do better laps and get higher in the leaderboards. Not everyone race’s or and not everyone drift’s but there should be more to it for the whole community than just driving!

I’m sorry, I’m old and I cannot understand this fascination you youngsters have with bleeding off all your speed and momentum through a turn just to make lots of smoke. Seems terribly impractical to me but perhaps that’s just me.

Just to clarify, you’re upset that there is no FWD Drift Leaderboard?



I know your view on drifting and I even find this funny at you knowing how wrong FWD ‘drifting’ is haha

To OP I’m a drifter and your views on drifting are bad so please don’t include me in your ‘community’


Front wheel drive drifting leaderboards.

Wow fail due to no stupid expanded leader boards that in the past was all about how to cheat. I for one love what turn 10 has done Minus all the easy credits handouts but all in all a huge difference over Fozra 5, I guess it wouldn’t be a Forum without whining and complaining.

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Wow, speak for yourself there, not the “community”. I, for one, could not care less about leader boards period, much less drifting leader boards. I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware this was Ridge Racer. I, however, very much so DO care about Auto Vista. I’m guessing you are just a troll, and a very bad one at that. Leader boards would take like 5 minutes. Auto Vista for every car took an OBSCENE amount of time.


I’m speaking for the drifting community, not trolling. From the beginning this whole post was to do with drifting. Obviously you don’t drift. So why are you trolling?

Not everyone on the leaderboards cheated. Now with that being said I’m not whining or complaining the game is competitive in more ways than one. So… You have your level of racing or driving around a track for what? Nothing. Drifting is more than that. Let’s see you get on fm4 get any car you want hit a corner at 80mph slide it side ways keep it in good angle to try to achieve points to win or climb higher in the leaderboards. Anyone can hot lap/race. But very few and I mean very few can do what some people have Done LEGIT in the drifting leaderboards. Let’s say for instance fm4 leaderboards, AWD fujimi 8 million players wow only 8 hackers in the list but 7,999,992 legit scores. Wow you never ventured anywhere in that game uh.

I love this game

Don’t get the drifting thing at all, nothing more annoying in a multiplayer race than getting stuck behind someone drifting.


I like leader boards. It doesn’t make or break the game. If I had to choose between global and friends leader boards, I’d choose friends. Rivals was neat twist on leader boards in past FM games. I liked the way FM5 did it where I could go right into trying to beat rivals post race. Now there seemed to be leader boards in the demo, so I’ll have to play the game to see what you’re going on about.

Sadly I cannot care about drifting. Never really got it, or got into it (the reasons are probably not mutually exclusive).

As for your giving up on Forza 6 on day -5, there’s not much alternatives out there. Other than FM5 there’s just Project Cars. And on PS4 it’s just Project Cars since there isn’t a version of Gran Turismo on the system yet.

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There are drift events for Rivals. Go check it out. There are leaderboards there.

Well, this seems to have run in directions we don’t want to be travelling so it’s time we put an end to it.

OP, apologies that the leaderboards you seek are not to be found in the game, perhaps they will be added one day. For now, I’m going to close this thread before things get any uglier.

If you’re curious, the suggestion of FWD Drifting leaderboards is likely where things first started going off the rails.

Have a nice day.