Whole New Custom DRIFT MODE i created in Event Labs V4.8 - [Can be imported to any of ur own tracks]

Since i love the custom tracks i find this as a really missed opportunity that we don’t have any “drift mode” available to us as a preset in Event Labs. I love to drift with my friends and “compete” just for fun and if you do to - then try this mode out.

Here is the code: 540 504 648

Overview of implemented features:

  • Whole new custom scoring system with (mastery points) that lets u farm best points on those long turns
  • Points loss on wall impact depending on how hard u hit it
  • Top 3 Scoreboard made from scratch
  • Prevention from losing points if pushed by someone else
  • A points multiplier system adding 10% points boost for each lap made (max 30%) - to made first half of the game more dynamic and fast paced.
  • A simple 2 way track made for tests
  • Custom sounds & more

I worked on it for a bit over a week, and tested it with friends and its actually good and fun. I know it can be exploited and there are few things that could be better, but i did the best considering the editor we were given and its perfectly fine to play still. Lmk if anyone liked it - i might do a team vs team mode if anyone likes it.

If any of the devs read this - fix id’s in coop/pvp and give us some more rules like exact player speed/degree of rotation or just a simple node “is drifting?”. anything like that works. thanks.


hi, Dzukerini
can you please share your “rules” of blueprint for custom scoring system for drift and other points?
i would like to make my own drift event.

I really want those rules to apply to other tracks pretty please x

Due to blocked posting for few days i wrote you a pm, but i will write it here aswell: you can import my rules anytime you want - just go to rules when editing ur own labs project, click import and search for mine - my rules should import aotumatically to ur own project. I tried it with a friend and it worked perfectly, hope i helped.