Why aren't there drift leader boards on free play?

Are there plans for drift leader boards on free play?

No reason to add them, especially if it were enabled in free play. Too many people would still be doing stupid things and using exploitation’s like, positive camber mixed with drag slicks and reversing every single corner then add a little brake dragging because why not. It would take to much effort legitimizing a real leaderboard system again because they would have to impose some types of regulations which we know from history, people will be pro-for-it others will be active against it. Back when people playing legit still had a chance to out pace people using exploits like myself being one of the main people to hold first places on the leaderboards without exploiting the system with real runs in real cars making others have to turn to exploitation just to be “beating me” not caring how stupid their runs look or their cars and how they are tuned. I would love for them to come back because it was true competition, it took me a sitting of 10 hours at one point to take first on Fujimi full and I miss that thrill, tandem when friends get on and leaderboards when no ones on or you just don’t feel like playing with others. It was a great way to record your own progression and make yourself the main competition by trying to better your scores because it made you a better driver for when you did go play with others. But I suspect they won’t be around anytime soon in the future just from their track record throughout the Forza’s and how it at its best during 3 and 4 then faded out past that until Horizon 3 when they didn’t have to care how people got scores because it was much harder to try and use unorthodox ways of trying to beat people above you.

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