Why are the GMC syclone and typhoon so OP?

Does it bother anyone else that there are some cars in the game that are just way too strong in certain classes?

I am not talking about the ones that actually make sense but rather the oddball ones that shouldn’t be able to destroy the competition and look like it’s resale value is 5k and is a truck…

Why do the devs allow this insanity? I for one don’t enjoy it. I like to use cars that seem to fit the type of racing I am doing and find it aggravating that I am forced into these cars to remain competitive online.

Am I alone here?

I’ve driven both (they’re pretty much the same vehicle), and while they have nice upgrade options and handle very well for trucks (they’re lightweight street trucks IRL after all) I don’t feel like either one is OP. Sure, they’re vehicles that have the combination of low stock PI and good upgrades that make them more competitive than many of the recent vehicles due to the way the PI system is set up. But they’re also highly requested vehicles that have finally been added to the game, so a lot of top tier players might be trying them out and finding that they are competitive, making it seem like they’re a new meta.


From experience they’re good but not sure if OP. I think the Syclone is better due to less weight.

What classes are they OP at?

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Yes? Yes.

Never in even GMC’s wildest dreams has such a thing ever been said. :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, you are “forced into these GMC cars to remain competitive online?” Really? For reals?? :roll_eyes: Sounds a little absurd, n’est ce pas?

Even if they were both the vehicular Second Coming, I would MUCH rather have a few OP real-world GMC’s begin running the tables than receive more weird/nonsense/fantasy OP items like circus clown cars, Jetson-mobiles, farm/industrial equipment or lazy OP clones of existing vehicles (WP). Personally, I find all that foolishness to be much more detrimental to immersion. Nice to see devs sending us a few old friends, even better that they’re versatile and useful as well.

(fingers crossed hoping to see them send a few more old friends, like the AMC Pacer, Chevy Vega and Camaro IROC-Z, to name a few… :crossed_fingers:t2:)

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The way the original post reads, it sounds like there are lobbies filled with Syclones and Typhoons. However, I’ve played quite a bit of Team and FFA since they came out and I’ve seen the occasional one being used but certainly not to a significant extent and I’ve not seen anyone dominate with it.

As to performance, I’d imagine that they are decent B dirt, A dirt and A winter road options. I’ve just had a look at Greendale, which is the usual testing ground for dirt options. In A, there is a Syclone in 100th, so not suggestive of any level of domination. In B, they look likely to be stronger. Jumpy has a Typhoon in 8th and there is another Typhoon and a Syclone in the top 50. Again though, nothing to suggest they are OP - just a strong new option to use.

I did also put a Syclone in 4th in the A street rivals event at Otleydale but a full 2 seconds off the lead time in a Roadster. I imagine it would be very strong in Winter but, again, nothing to suggest it’s so strong that you’d be compelled to use it.


My B-Dirt Syclone tune is on par with Daytona - disclaimer: me putting more time into the tune, limited to the tracks I have tested. On circuits I only test and post first lap times. Not good on ice though… very bad there. And also due to my tuning, it is much more stable on the actual dirt than pavement. Good for free roam speed though. I have used upgraded transmission and clutch because I drive without clutch, so I will try stock there for a V2 build. Maybe an MC driver can test it out sometime? Typhoon as not as good at B, both seemed to be similar performance at A, but I have many non-meta cars that are better, and they couldn’t touch Roadster or Punk times. Again with upgraded transmission though, who knows?

The Typhoon on A800 tarmac is quite strong. Race weight reduction, Sports tires and Race centrifugal V8 combined with a then perfectly aligned stock gearbox that saves tons of PI is outperforming a lot of cars.
On my track on pace with both NSX or the Insignia.
If driven by a somewhat competent driver the Typhoon will be too mighty for the level of Unranked.
The Syclone can be even better on some tracks.

Their stock gearbox is extremely underrated.

To be honest its fine. Its good to see some variation other then noobish Nova FE.


Is it quicker than Nova FE at road or street?

In these old GM I almost never go Race transmission. IIRC all of their cars including GNX, Trans Am GTA, Impala SS, GMC Syclone, all of them have the same ratios. That 4-speed automatic they had on their cars back in the day is excellent for taking advantage of the torque and, with centrifugal supercharger, it pulls all the way to redline. Very powerful combo.

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The only time I have seen them that I am aware was during a Drag run. They were fast, but I beat them both in an El Camino…and I still drive automatic. So take that for what it’s worth.

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Not in the least