Why are lighter/Older Offroaders having flipping problems now?

Iv’e had this happen multiple times to me now, where i take a offroader out to compete in either some dirt or offroad races, upgrade it to B700, and under hard but reasonable turns, if i don’t apply enough brake-force, it’ll just flip over!
Some vehicles that its happend with:
1973 range rover
1979 FJ40
1967 8 Gordini
1975 Bronco

what happened to physics engine between this game and the last?! I think the rally suspension upgrade might play a part since when I remove it, the flipping happens less, but that can make some of these vehicles way less competitive (8 Gordini). But this kind of stuff wasn’t happening, (or at least wasn’t happening to the same level) in FH4 to my memory. Physics feel jank with the older offroaders :confused:

The '73 Range Rover has been ok, there is a widebody kit for it for it which might help.

That FJ has always been rubbish for me though!